Be More Productive. How To Get More Done In Less Time

Let’s talk about how to be more productive. How do you get more done in less time? We all have about anywhere between 15 and 20 things that we’re trying to get done at once, and it is difficult.   So how many people have ever felt like even though you seem to be so…

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Happiness Guaranteed If You Follow These Steps

There’s a guarantee on happiness if you follow the things that I’m writing about today. This is something I’m extremely passionate about because I see a lot of people who are struggling in life and they feel like their circumstances are what is causing them to be unhappy and unfulfilled in where they are in…

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Tiger’s Comeback: Life Lessons of Redemption

So how many people are excited to have seen Tiger just come back after such a long drought? Even if you are not a fan of golf, it was easy to recognize Tigers elite status as he dominated his sport for so long. So let’s talk about Tiger’s career real quick. Tiger was born to…

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