May 25, 2021

How To Get More Time To Achieve Your Goals

How To Get More Time To Achieve Your Goals


I can remember struggling with having a lack of time in my day. I was so busy that it seemed like I didn’t have time for everything…including my faith, my family, or my fitness.


Have you ever felt like “If I just had more time in the day”.


For example…

  • You have a goal of losing more weight, but don’t have enough time in the day
  • You want to spend time growing in your faith, but don’t have enough time in the day
  • You want to start a business, but don’t have enough time in the day


Trust me, I get it! I’ve been there before.


Here is what typically happens…


We believe we don’t have enough time in the day. The thought is, ‘if I add more tasks to my plate (even if its tasks getting you closer to goals you care about) then it’s going to take away from the areas of my life of importance’…which is typically work. Then you become overwhelmed and stressed just simply thinking about putting something new on your plate. As a result, you talk yourself out of going after certain goals…and don’t take action.


Therefore, no action = no results


No action in our faith means continued worry and stress

No action with our family and spouses means poor relationships

No action in our fitness means poor health

No action toward our finances means lack of future wealth


I thought this way for a LONG TIME! However, I’ve come to realize that it’s not so much that we DON’T HAVE TIME, but more that we have a MISCONCEPTION of HOW WE SEE TIME.


What I’ve found out is that we look more at time as spending time…as opposed to investing time


By looking at our time more as an investment of time…we can see how investing time toward our goals now, can prevent us from losing more time later because of neglecting our goals.


Look at it this way…You are going to have to pay with time NO MATTER WHAT!


You can invest in a relationship with God now, so you aren’t paying for the stress and anxiety later…


You can invest in your marriage and children now, so you aren’t paying for it in a divorce and poor relationship later…


You can invest in your fitness now, so you aren’t paying later for it in the form of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart issues later…


You get the picture: Invest now…or Pay for it later!


Too many of us are putting our goals on credit…trying to not pay now, but paying it back with interest later…and then regretting never investing the upfront time.


When I finally understood this concept, it had dramatic effects in my life…


For example…

  • I started slowly investing some time toward my faith & relationship with God…and my return of investment (ROI) was peace of mind and high performance
  • I started slowly investing some time toward my family…and my ROI was great relationships, fulfillment, and actually more time to spend on my work and projects since my family was now happy.
  • I started slowly investing some time toward my health, and my ROI was feeling great & having more energy
  • I started slowly investing some time toward my finances, and my ROI was getting closer to my financial goals


The reality is… You’ve gotta put reps in!

In order to improve or grow in anything…you must put reps in…PERIOD!

In order to put reps in, there MUST BE CONSISTENT SPACE & TIME DEDICATED to doing the reps.


Without creating space and time to put the reps in…then you have no shot at seeing change in your results!


In order to create space and time you have to do 2 things:

  1. SLOW DOWN!!
    1. You MUST slow down long enough to (1) stop, (2) think, (3) strategize
  2. Ask “How”
    1. After stopping and slowing down you have to then ask yourself this question, “HOW can I find the time?” By asking this ‘How-To Question’, it will trigger the mind to figure out a solution instead of immediately saying…”I don’t have the time”
  3. Honor the time.
    1. Once you figure out how you’ll find the time…then put it on your calendar, and HONOR IT!
    2. Once you find the time to invest in your faith…honor it! Once you find the time to invest in your family…honor it! Etc.


Here are the steps to creating more time:


  1. Slow down
  2. Ask How
  3. Put it on the calendar
  4. Honor the time


Do this for each of these pillars of life: Your Faith, Your Family, Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Career






Imagine investing your time in this relationship and experiencing more success and fulfillment in your life!


10 minutes of quality time spent with God, is more effective than 10 hours trying to work do life without Him.


As always, if you need help with finding more time OR strengthening your faith by building a more solid relationship with God…I’m here.

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Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad


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