“Succeed without Sacrificing Your Faith, Family, & Fulfillment”
Dr. Brad – Motivational & Keynote Speaker

A message doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t equal action after afterward. Your audience’s future transformation begins with Dr. Brad’s action taking message

Dr. Brad’s story is memorable, relatable, and practical so that the audience is inspired turn their desired transformation into reality.

Hi, I’m Dr. Brad

and I teach high-achieving men how to succeed in their work, without sacrificing their faith, family, and fulfillment. For many of us motivated men, it is far too often that our drive to succeed in our work and businesses can come at the cost of the things that really matter to us…such as your marriage, family, friends, We have been lead to believe that the achievement of our career & professional goals, must come at the expense of our personal lives…however this is far from the truth! The reality is there is a way to succeed at a high level in both work and life… simultaneously! You can experience success as a great husband, father, business owner, executive, & man of God. You can be the man you’ve always dreamed of, but never learned how to do it. You can be E.L.I.T.E (Extraordinary Leader Impacting Their Environment)

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Dr. Brad will inspire your audience to be extraordinary men that can crush it at work without the cost of neglected health and relationships. His message has the greatest power on a live stage, but can also be tailored for a virtual event setting.

Speaking Topics

Whether you are looking for a speaker to motivate an arena full of men, or a trainer to inspire transformation for a boardroom of executives, Dr. Brad delivers a custom-fit message that impacts each individual – leaving them equipped with practical steps to succeed without sacrificing their life.


Dr. Brad’s message not only shares the blueprint for the achievement of your goals, but also how to do it without it costing your faith, family life, or fitness.


As men, we wear the leadership hat at both work and home. Servant leadership is necessary to success that doesn’t come at a sacrifice of what matters. Dr. Brad’s leadership framework will help you lead to achieve results without harming relationships.


At the core of every message Dr. Brad delivers is a component of faith. Relationship with God is the primary source for success in all things and Dr. Brad’s message will reinforce the importance and positive influence of faith being the foundation of all areas of life.


Dr. Brad’s message will help you gain clarity on your purpose and practical steps on how to begin pursuing your purpose immediately. This, will in turn, bring fulfillment, significance, and meaning to your work and relationships.


The key behind any transformation or sustained success is the mindset of a man. Dr. Brad will transform the lives of your audience by renewing in them a mind of power, confidence & consistency

Peak Performance

As a performance coach for executives, Dr. Brad knows what it takes to improve productivity in a healthy way, getting more done in less time, while working smarter & not harder.


Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Life

How to Win at Work Without Neglecting Your Faith, Family, and Fulfillment

Ideal Audience:Professional High Achieving Men; Executives; Professional Athletes; Pastors
Ideal Stage: Business Conferences; Men’s Conferences; Churches; Colleges

Value: Increase your personal and team productivity and achieve goals faster by developing consistent behaviors that lead to desired resultsIncrease your life fulfillment while simultaneously accelerating your professional success. Become an ELITE (Extraordinary Leader Impacting Their Environment) MAN who is fulfilled and has with great wealth, health, and relationships by applying proven biblical-based principles to your life. 

Many high-achieving men who strive to succeed at an elite level are often times challenged with the pain-staking reality that their significant achievements at work have come at an even greater cost in their personal lives. Success, for many men, has come at the sacrifice of what really matters…their faith, their family, their fitness, and their overall fulfillment. Results in their work has come at the cost of relationships at home. Achievement has come at the cost of fulfillment and they are left wondering, “Is this it?? Success shouldn’t feel so unfulfilling!” However, it doesn’t have to be this way!! You NO LONGER have to choose between success and happiness. There is a way to succeed at work and win in life. There is a way to be simultaneously successful AND fulfilled.
Dr. Brad outlines the mindset and methods needed to go from frustrated to fulfilled in your life, all while still achieving your greatest goals. He outlines how to apply the right H.E.L.P. to transform any challenge in your life into triumph. He does this in a very relatable and practical way by sharing his personal story of transformation from a ‘successful and unfulfilled’ physician that neglected and nearly lost his faith & family, to being a fulfilled & successful doctor & entrepreneur, husband, father, and man of God. You will walk away excited about the future and with the blueprint to go from an excellent to an ELITE man!

What Others Say About Dr. Brad's Speaking

Dr. Lamont Bunyon

100 Black Men of America

PG County Chapter, Vice President

“Dr. Brad Bellard is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers empowering leaders today. Dr. Brad addressed our 100 Black Men of America annual retreat 2019 and challenged us to do more for our mentees and community. He shared his personal story that inspired us all to realize that are investment in the youth will shape them to better citizens and men. Thanks again Dr. Brad, we look forward to hearing from you again!”

Dr. John Mack.

National Men’s Prayer Call, Leader

“The National Men’s Prayer Call has had the pleasure and privilege of having Dr. Brad Bellard as our guest speaker on several occasions. Each time he has been gracious and gratuitous. His messages spark enthusiasm and interest across a broad spectrum of listeners. We pride ourselves in selecting strong, positive goal-oriented men that can speak a rational and relevant word to men in a safe space. Dr. Brad has come to exemplify the standard we seek in vetting our speakers. We often see the men taking copious notes and being impacted and influenced by Dr. Brad’s words and demeanor. He is truly the consummate voice of “Spiritually Enhanced Personal Development”.”



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