May 18, 2021

Making “Shift” Happen with Anthony Trucks

“The life we want to live, is currently above the level of identity we are operating at”

-Anthony Trucks

BOOM!!! Mic drop!!

This is the concept that Anthony Trucks uses to help individuals become aware of the identity shift needed to match the results they desire in life. I had the privilege of interviewing Anthony Trucks during the virtual ELITE MEN Summit event, that I hosted back in December of 2020.

Anthony is a former NFL athlete, Founder of Identity Shift Coaching, International speaker & podcast host. He is a phenomenal human being with a heart of gold to help people use the power of identity to achieve their dreams.

Our interview was so well received during the virtual summit…that I decided to replay it on the podcast for everyone’s benefit…and trust me, it is WORTH THE LISTEN!

This interview is JAM PACKED with VALUE! He shares his story of how he went from a successful yet unfulfilled entrepreneur that was stuck in both his personal life & business…to tremendously fulfilled and more successful in all areas of life by using ‘The Shift Method’. He describes The Shift Method in detail and breaks down how YOU TOO can do the same thing to become the man you want to be.

One of the biggest ideas we discuss is this concept that the life you want to live is currently beyond the identity that you currently have for yourself. However, there’s a way to shift your identity and therefore your results in life…through the SEE – SHIFT – SUSTAIN model.

Make sure you follow him on social media: @anthonytrucks

Enjoy fellas,

Dr. Brad

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