5 Ways to Prevent Procrastination

Hi, I’m Dr. Brad, double-boarded sports medicine doctor and peak performance coach, helping driven professionals achieve higher levels of both success AND fulfillment, so they can experience the best version of themselves.


Today’s topic is procrastination. I think all of us, to some degree, struggle with being task oriented toward something we don’t want to do. We’ve got goals that we’re trying to hit, but, oftentimes, that means that we have to do things as part of achieving that goal that may not be the most exciting part of the process. There’s stuff that we just have to do that isn’t exciting. How do you really get up and get excited to do that? Really, how do you consistently do that? Because to me, the opposite of procrastination is consistency, because when you push stuff off, unfortunately it slows down momentum. Anything that we’re doing, there’s a certain amount of momentum that we need to create to get results. We want to get that ball rolling, and get the ball moving. When you’re inconsistent, or you’re procrastinating, the momentum that you’re trying to build never gains enough steam to get the results you want…and that’s just not acceptable. 



I’m going to cover five key things that you can do to prevent procrastination and really master it so that you can get those things done that you need to, even those tasks that you don’t want to, so that you can build and maintain enough momentum for your end goal to actually come to fruition.


First, is understanding that preventing procrastination starts in the morning. The first tip is to (1) start your day in the morning with a distinct to-do list. When I wake up in the morning, I take time to get my thoughts together. I take time in prayer. Then, once I’ve done that, I then have a list of things that I’m looking to accomplish that day. I focus on, what are the projects that I have to do? Who are the people that I need to talk to, and what are my priorities for the day? When I gather my thoughts together like that, and create a list of things that I have to do, it forces me to organize my thoughts about what I have to do for the day.


Second, you’ve got to (2) change the feeling you have toward whatever task you keep avoiding. Typically, we’re procrastinating on things that when we think of it, a negative feeling is often associated with the task. The mind is interesting. It won’t want to carry out anything that you have a negative feeling toward. For example, most of us like the taste and feel good about eating dessert, so we don’t hesitate to have dessert. However, we don’t feel the same way about eating vegetables, because for most of us, it’s not our favorite food on the plate. We’ll often eat them last if at all. This is the same way we treat tasks that we procrastinate on. Things that we really don’t want to do we delay and push off. What I encourage you to do is change your feeling toward whatever that thing is that you’ve got that negative mindset about. Basically, find a reason to feel more positive about the vegetables on the ‘plate of performance’.


Third thing is to (3) put it on the calendar. I don’t know about you, but, for me, things don’t exist unless I put it on the schedule. You have to schedule it. Whatever you want to accomplish will have a much higher likelihood of being achieved if, you put it on the calendar. For me, my calendar is on my phone. If I’m trying to get things done and it’s not on the calendar, it will not get done…period. I schedule it. Whether it’s something that you have to do


daily, something that you have to do weekly, if you put it on the schedule, you’ll start noticing that these things that you’ve been pushing back for so long will start to get done, you just got to put it on a calendar.


Then, the fourth thing, related to putting things on the calendar and scheduling it, is (4) pairing the action that you’ve been delaying to something that to another behavior or action that you know is going to get done.


For example, sometimes, I delay on…believe it or not, actually cut my kids’ hair. This is a peek inside of the Bellard household…lol. I actually cut my kids’ hair, so if you ever see them with a bad haircut, then you know who to blame. But for the longest, I would put that off, and would continually make excuses that I’m busy. However, once I started pairing cutting my kids’ hair with cutting my own hair, then my kids started having consistent haircuts. I started cutting their hair right after I would cut my own. Pair whatever that action that you are delaying with something that you know is going to get done.


Another example, for me, is after clinic, is typically whenever I dictate the charts for my patients. I would procrastinate because it is something I don’t enjoy doing at all. But, usually, right after my clinic, I sit down with my assistant, make sure we didn’t miss anything, and I pair that meeting with my charting and am able to get it done.


Then, the last thing is (5) minimize distraction. You see, it’s interesting. We’ll find any reason not to get something done if we have something else that is occupying our time. I can remember sitting down needing to do a paper or needing to do something on the computer, and my setup would be my computer, to my left would be snacks, I would be sitting on the couch in front of the television, and before I’d know it, I’ve watched six episodes of Family Feud and I haven’t touched the computer or gotten any work done! All those distractions are simply going to worsen procrastination.


Whatever it is you are working on, find a spot, whether it’s your office or your room. Cut the television off, put your phone away, and focus, because you’ll see that once you actually put intentional time directed absolutely toward that, then, oftentimes, it goes a lot smoother and faster and it’s not nearly as bad as what you thought it was going to be.


I encourage you to use these five principles that we’ve discussed here to help to prevent procrastination in your day. Share this blog with someone who might be struggling with procrastination.


I’m signing off, Dr. Brad, your double-boarded Sports Medicine Physician and Peak Performance Coach, helping busy professionals maximize their performance so they can experience professional success and personal fulfillment simultaneously! For more information on subjects related to elite level performance both professionally and personally, follow me on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram @Dr Brad MD. And if you are looking to increase the results in your life, go to resultswithdrbrad.com where you can download the FREE video The Results Formula…delivering great information on how to turn your goals into reality!l And remember, you CAN have success and fulfillment at the same time! See you at the top!


Two Simple Steps to Improve Productivity

Have you ever felt,“There’s something else out there for me”?

Hi, I’m Dr. Brad, double-boarded sports medicine doctor and peak performance coach, helping driven professionals achieve higher levels of both success AND fulfillment, so they can experience the best version of themselves.


So, I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but have you ever had in the back of your mind, that little voice saying, “There is something else out there for me. There is something else I’m supposed to be doing.”? And for the longest time, I ignored that voice. I personally think a lot of people ignore that voice, and they either ignore it so much that they completely turn it off, and then risk never experiencing an awesome level of fulfillment. OR , some people, just have to address it and finally answer the calls.



And so, if you’re one of those people who you want to address that exact voice that keeps saying, “There’s something else out there for you,” then we’re gonna talk about that. And so, really and truly, what that is, is your purpose that’s calling you. You see, I feel like we all have a purpose on this life. There is the grand scheme of things. There is this world and this world is supposed to function a certain way. And God has completely sovereignty, and he’s got a game plan for how this whole thing called life is supposed to work. And in that game plan, you have a role and responsibility in order for the whole thing to work. I want you to think about a puzzle and there are pieces of the puzzle that are supposed to fit in certain places. YOU have a piece of a puzzle that you’re supposed to be fulfilling. Think about a coach. Think about a coach that has a game plan for success. There are specific players on the court, or on the field that have roles and responsibilities. For example, in football, the offensive lineman is not supposed to be throwing the ball.


And so, we each have these roles and God has assigned us these roles, and he’s helped us do some things to really identify what role we’re supposed to be playing. That’s really what your purpose is…that mission that God has called you to do. And so, when you think about it, there are all of these roles, and we’re supposed to fulfill them. And if you don’t know what your role is, and if you never fulfill it, not only does that affect you but if affects everything around you. Think about that. If you never fill your piece of the puzzle, the picture never gets seen as it should, because there’s a huge gap in the puzzle.


Imagine playing basketball, for example, and no one tells you what your role or responsibility is on the court. Therefore, you are clueless to what you are supposed to be doing. You’ve got some talent, but you don’t know if you’re supposed to be playing point guard, or forward or center…you’re just out there. You don’t know the plays. You can imagine, that’s gonna cause a level of frustration. It’s gonna cause you to be like, “Man, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be here. Am I actually supposed to be here?” These are questions that you probably ask yourself. Like, “I don’t even know if I’m supposed to really be doing what I’m doing.” And you may have already experienced a lot of success, and this may have been your dream at some point, but “Is this what it’s supposed to look like?”


So, I’m gonna give you some things that you can do to really help find and hone in, what is it you are supposed to be doing? First and foremost, God’s given us gifts and talents, and we all have different gifts and talents. (1) You need to identify them. There’s somebody who might be fantastic at baking. I’m horrible at baking. But it doesn’t matter, you have a gift, and you need to be able to identify what these gifts are. Typically, they’re things that you’re just intrinsically good at. Someone, maybe, have told you , “Wow, you’re really good at _______” Or, maybe, complimented you. You can probably think about one or two things real quick that you’re just really good at and comes natural. You need to identify that.


Second, In addition to these gifts and talents you’ve also got (2) passions…things that just really fire you up, things that you just really have a love for, that you would do whether you’re getting paid or not, just because it brings joy to your life. You need to identify those things.


And the third thing is your (3) past experiences. And so, you’ve been allowed, and been specifically and strategically placed in certain experiences so that you can have that experience, which fuels you to really do things and gain wisdom from that experience to share with someone else.


So I want you to write down what I feel is the definition of your purpose, because if you can understand this definition, you can really piece together, over time, what it is that you’re supposed to be doing in your calling. Your purpose is the application of those unique gifts that you’ve been given, fueled by your passions and past experiences, to be able to serve other people by providing value to them. I’m gonna say that again. So, your purpose is the application of the gifts that you have been given, fueled the passions and past experiences, to serve other people by providing value that will improve their lives!


And if you are doing that, you are living in your purpose. There is no way that you can live in your purpose without serving other people. So I wanna just take that analogy of being on the basketball court. If I’m living in my purpose, I know my position very well, what I’m good at, and what my role on the team is. I used to play two-guard in high school. As a result of knowing my skillset and position responsibilities, I knew how I fit in the plays, where to pass, when to shoot and who to defend. I felt like a significant part of the team. We all have this intrinsic desire to feel significant. And whenever we’re working in that role and responsibility that we’re supposed to be doing, that significance is being fulfilled.


And so, I want you to identify those three things. What are the gifts? What are the passions? What are the past experiences that have fueled things in you that you wanna share with other people. Really, these past experiences should be, what is some things you’ve learned that you could reliably teach someone else about? There are some things that I’ve learned in life that I can definitely teach others about, and that’s why I write this blog. This may not be your calling. It might not be your passion to speak, and motivate. But this fits me because, I had a past experience in my life where my brother used to always motivate me, and he was like, “You gotta be the first person on the court and the last person to leave,” and he told me I could do more than what I could ever do and I had other doctors that fed into me as well. As a result, I pay the inspiration forward!


If you’re one of those special people that your career is fulfilling your purpose, that is a phenomenal blessing. But for a lot of people in our lives, our career parallel with fulfilling our purpose. If you fit into the second category, you should always be doing something outside of your career or job that’s fulfilling that calling, that role that you’re supposed to be doing on this earth, in order for the whole puzzle of life to work out.


Thank God so many people have actually answered the calling of their purpose, because we get a chance to be blessed by it. Think about it. I was thinking about my pastor at church. I was like, “Thank God, he answered his calling.” He answered that little voice in the back of his mind. And because of that, we now get to experience the spiritual value he provides weekly at church. Thank God for the donut shop owner, because they answered the calling of being a baker…so, now I can go in and get a cup of coffee and a delicious donut. Because they answered the call, I get to be blessed by that.


Here’s the question that you have to answer…With you not answering your call, with you not answering that call of, “I know there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing,” by you ignoring it, who is missing out on the blessing that you are supposed to be delivering to them? It’s a big question! Who is missing on the blessing that you are supposed to be delivering to them, because you have a role and responsibility. And when we don’t, it doesn’t just affect us but it affects people around us. And don’t think for one second by you ignoring that voice constantly that it’s just you that’s being affected, because you are supposed to fulfill a role that’s supposed to serve others and provide value to them to help improve their lives. Without answering the call, others don’t get blessed by you.


Once you answer the call, here are some of the benefits. Not only do you start fulfilling that thing you always wanted to do, but work becomes better because you know you have something else exciting that you’re working toward. Your identity isn’t just rooted in work. You know that you are fulfilling your role. And you also have a way to say “no” to things. We all getting presented with opportunities and things that sound good. But when you know you’re gifts, your talents, your passion, your past experiences, you know the things that are gonna fit within that wheelhouse, so you can reliably say no to things that don’t.


So, I hope this was valuable to you guys. I get really excited about this topic because this is something that absolutely changed my life when I realized what I was supposed to be doing in life. And the difference between some of us is, some of us are gonna take action, and some of us won’t. And for those of us that don’t, we end up being the missing piece of the puzzle. Those are the ones that when you look at puzzle and those pieces are missing, somebody didn’t fulfill that purpose, somebody didn’t answer the call. And as a result, the picture just doesn’t look as good as it’s supposed to be. So don’t be that person. Let’s take action!


Make sure you like and share this video with someone who needs to answer their call. Share this to others you think will find value in the message. Again, my name is Dr. Brad, double-boarded sports medicine physician and Peak Performance coach, helping busy professionals maximize their performance, so they can experience professional success and personal fulfillment simultaneously.


For more information on how to find your purpose and increase your performance make sure you follow me on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram @Dr Brad MD. If you specifically are looking to gain clarity on your purpose, go to purposewithdrbradmd.com and download a FREE video called The Purpose Pathway. You’ll learn the 5 steps to start walking in your purpose. And don’t forget, you CAN have success and fulfillment at the same time. See you at the top!

Two Important Steps to Start Living the Best Version of You

7 Ways to Accelerate Your Value

Hi, I’m Dr. Brad, double-boarded sports medicine doctor and peak performance coach, helping driven professionals achieve higher levels of both success AND fulfillment, so they can experience the best version of themselves.


Today we are going to talk about a very important word. It’s something we use a lot, but I think if we truly understood and took full advantage of this one word, it can bring you more wealth, it can bring you more success, it can help you hit your goals, it can bring you more fulfillment. And that one word is….Value. VALUE! How much value are you bringing to the table? How valuable do you see yourself? 


Value is the key, because you see, the more valuable you are, the more someone will buy from you. The more valuable you are, the more people will want to hang out with you. The more valuable you are, the more people will choose you. The more valuable you are, the more you can separate yourself from the competition. The more valuable you are, the more you can serve other people, walk in your purpose,and be fulfilled.


Value. How do you become more valuable? How do you see yourself as more valuable? See, here’s what’s crazy, people are doing a value evaluation and assessment of you all the time. We’re always doing it. Whenever we meet someone, we’re trying to asses, “is this person valuable enough for me to keep in my network, for me to stay in touch with,” or “is what they’re offering valuable enough for me to buy?”


So people are always doing this value evaluation, all the time. “Am I going to buy this, or am I going to buy that?” Because you will buy something that you find to be valuable to spend your money on. People will say all that time, “Oh, man, I can’t afford that,” but that same person will go buy something else that they don’t need because they find it more valuable. When purchasing things, It’s never about an “afford” issue (whether or not you can afford or not afford it), it’s what do you find valuable enough to put your money toward.


So the question becomes, if there’s a constant value evaluation, well, then how do you become more valuable? How do you believe that your value is worth it, because YOU are personally responsible for your value and increasing that value. Only you can decide if you’re going to become more valuable. You are personally responsible for the value that you bring to the table as a friend, as a family member, as a business person, as an employee. In multiple areas of your life, you’re responsible for that value.


So the question is, how do you become more valuable in the world, in the workplace, in relationships? I’m going to share with you seven (7) things that you can do to become more valuable. First thing that you can do is (1) educate yourself. And I don’t mean just formal education. I’m not telling you, go, and go get another four year degree. What I’m talking about is any type of education. That’s reading, that’s coaching, that is receiving mentorship, but it is not just, “Oh, I’m going to go get a degree.” Yes, that’s great education, but I’m talking about education, just in general, acquiring information…information acquisition if you will. Learn things, and be open and willing to learn new things. First thing is education.


Second one is (2) communication. Learn how to communicate. Learn how to clearly convey a point and a message. This takes time. A great book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you listen to that title, first of all, the message of that title is fantastic because it’s trying to help you win friends and influence people. If you’re trying to do those two things, read that book! It’s by Dale Carnegie. Fantastic book, but it talks about how to be a better communicator, and by the way, communicating starts with listening. I’m not talking about “waiting to talk”. There’s a difference between waiting to talk and listening. Communicating starts with really listening to what the other person is saying and being able to respond clearly. So become a great listener as you communicate.


Third thing is (3) personal growth. Grow. You must your grow yourself. What I mean by personal growth is becoming aware, being personally aware and having responsibility for your life. To grow as a person, to grow in humility, to grow in understanding that it’s not always about us. Personal growth and development, and also, belief in yourself. Think and Grow Rich, a fantastic book. This is just one example of a book that instructs and inspires you to understand that our potential to do great things comes from within and belief is the key.


Number four, (4) networking. We call it networking. I call it relationship building. You’ve got to be able to effectively build relationships, and here’s the key. Here’s the key to this…it’s building relationships not selfishly, but you’ve got to network and build relationships with people with this question in mind, “How can I help you? How can I, with what I bring to the table, help you?” See, it’s interesting, that’s how I know I’ve met someone who’s really been working on themselves, is when we talk and they say, “Well, man, how can I help you do what you’re doing? How can I help you get to the next level?” Relationship building, networking.


Number five is (5) an overall standard of excellence. You’ve got to have an overall standard of excellence. What I mean by that is don’t settle for putting something out there that’s not your best, or bad quality. Don’t settle for you putting yourself out there less than excellent. So this really means practicing traits such as honesty, integrity, and hard work. So make sure you have a high standard of excellence in everything that you do or you’re involved in.


Number six is you’ve got to (6) serve. You’ve got to have a heart for service. You’ve got to have a heart for people. You have to care for people if you’re looking to be more valuable out there. People are trying to figure out, do you really care? When they meet you, they’re trying to figure out, do you care? And if you have a heart for service, then they’ll know that you care. Here’s a good way to serve, and how you can become so much more valuable; Give more than you receive! And even next level to that, give more than is expected! See, when you deliver more than what’s expected, people will come back.


See, I don’t know about you, but I like to eat. I can’t stand when I go out to eat, order my food, and it comes out looking like a 4 oz steak when I ordered an 8oz steak along with small portions… I don’t care how good the food is, they did not deliver what was expected. They under-delivered. Great value is provided when you Over deliver. When I go somewhere and they give me a bunch of food, more food than expected…man, I’m happy! I’m like, “I’m coming back here.” We were just at the state fair this past weekend. My wife asked, “Hey, did you get those chicken nachos?” I said, “Yes.” She was like, “How wasit?” I replied, “They were pretty good, but they gave me a bunch!” I was happy with the value they delivered. Remember: Over deliver and people will continue to come back.


And last but not least, number seven is (7) skillset mastery. Master your skillset. And listen, this might evolve and change over time. I had to become a doctor, and now I want to instruct and inspire, I’ve got to master how to be able to speak, to create video content, and social media. I’ve got to master a new skillset. Master your skillset in whatever you’re currently doing or aiming for. That often time takes time, and that’s okay. But again, skillset mastery will increase value.


Overall, all those seven things that I’m talking about, here’s the main takeaway lesson today…WORK HARD ON YOU! You’ve got to work on you in order to become more valuable, and not just one part of you. You’ve got to work on all of you in order to be the most valuable in your relationships, in your workplace, in your business, in your life. You have to work on you. If you aren’t where you want to be right now, guess who you’ve got to work on? Guess what you have to work on? YOU! But the power behind that is, now you know, and you can begin to work on you, and over time you’ll watch things happen, and the more valuable you become, the more health, the more success, and the more fulfillment that you will experience. I can assure you of that, but you just can’t just throw around that word, value. It means something and you’ve got to bring it to the table.


Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of value, I hope this was valuable to you, and that you can take this and apply this to your day, to your week, to your life. I’m signing off…Dr. Brad, your double-boarded sports medicine doctor and Peak Performance coach, helping professionals maximize their performance, so they can experience professional success, and personal fulfillment simultaneously.


If you are looking for information on how to improve your performance, achieve the results you want, and maximize your full potential, be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @DrBrad MD. For those of you who are really looking to turn your goals into results, go to resultswithdrbradmd.com and download my free video, The Results Formula, and learn how to achieve consistent results!


Don’t forget to like and share this blog and remember, you CAN have success and fulfillment at the same time! See you at the top!

Remember this before you quit!

The Five That You’ve Got To Believe In


I’m Dr. Brad, a double-boarded sports medicine physician and peak performance coach. I help driven & successful professionals achieve greater levels of success AND fulfillment so they can live the best version of themselves.


Today I am going to discuss the five things that you’ve got to believe in, so that you can take things to a higher level to increase your results, to achieve your goals, in order to just live that elite performance lifestyle we’ve talked about.


Let’s review, because last week we talked about performance, and we talked about beliefs and how they are highly correlated. And so, when we talk about the definition of performance, performance is simply a result based measurement of the strength of your mindset and belief. I’ll say that again. Performance is a result based measurement. So it’s the results that you can actually see, the tangible stuff, of the strength of your mind, and belief. So that means if you have a stronger mind, you’ll be able to perform more, and you’ll be able to see those tangible results.


Now the second thing we want to review is the fact that you become what you believe. The way new beliefs are created; if you become what you believe, and you want to become something different, you have to start to believe something different. That means you have to start putting new things into the brain. New beliefs into the brain that will eventually allow it to come to fruition.  If you remember we talked about this last week, the mind is like a muscle. If you think about a muscle, the only way a muscle grows is by putting in repetitions. Repetitions of work. It’s got to get the right input, and it’s got to get the proper nutrition. So for that muscle to perform, for that muscle to be efficient and proficient, for that muscle to have strength, it’s got to put in reps.


For us, the strength of our belief is going to be based on how many reps do we put in, of putting input into our brains such as affirmations, being around environments that foster and cultivate beliefs that will stick and that will serve us the best way possible. So you have to work that muscle. You have to constantly be exercising your mind, and exercising putting input into your brain on a constant basis. It’s a practice just like working out is a practice. But it’s the exercising of your mind that’s going to allow you to be able to get the beliefs.


But what should you believe in? What should we focus our beliefs on? There are five things we’re going to talk about today that are huge, and you’ll see when this comes all together it’s going to make great sense. So the first thing that you have to believe in is your ability. You have to believe that you are able to be able to do whatever it is that you’re going to do. Believing that your capable also means believing that you have everything you need to start the project, habit, etc. So, for example, this is the belief that I can.  These are the beliefs that you want to put into the brain. I can do this. I can lose weight. I can start that business. I can get that promotion. I can; I can, I can. Here’s what the belief of ability builds. It builds confidence, and it builds the confidence that you’re looking to be able to say, “You know what, I can do this.”


Believe in your ability.

One of the best affirmations that I use to be able to allow me to have confidence that I can is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now mind you, the reason that gives me so much confidence is that it’s not just based on me. It’s based on God’s strength working through me. That right there gives me a ton of confidence. So the first piece of advice is to use that as an affirmation. I believe I’m strengthened by Christ. I can do all things by Christ who strengthens me. That gives you confidence. The second thing that you need to believe in is you have to believe in the possibility. You have to believe it’s possible. If you think whatever you’re going after is impossible, then it’s going to be tough to accomplish that very thing. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13


Believe its attainable.

So you have to believe it’s attainable. This is different than I can. For example, years ago when people were running the mile. The fastest mile that was ran was a little more than five minutes. People thought it was impossible to run under a five-minute mile. People thought that you would have a heart attack or that you would die if you ran a four-minute mile. Once it happened, it expanded the possibility, right? So if you don’t think it’s possible, it’s not going to happen. You have to believe in the possibility. Here’s what the belief in possibility does. It allows you to dream; it builds that dream muscle. For a lot of us, we’ve lost the ability to be able to dream. You’ve got to be able to dream about the possibilities that are in store for you.

Believe in the reality of ‘it’.

The third thing that you have to believe in is you have to believe in the reality. Specifically, you have to believe in the reality for you. You’ve got to believe that what you’re going for is real, and will be realized by you. As a matter of fact, one way to think about this is to believe that it’s already happened. That it’s just a matter of time.  You know the end of the play. You know the end of the movie already. It’s just got to play out. That reality is what you MUST believe in. Believe that your reality for what you’re going for is eventual. IT’S EVENTUAL! The belief in your future reality builds faith! And faith is going to be needed to be able to hit that next level. Faith is going to be needed to accomplish that goal. It builds faith.


Believe in the Process.

The fourth thing that you have to believe in is you have to believe in the process.   You hear this all the time, trust the process. Here’s the process you have to believe: You have to believe in the process of improvement and the process of correction. Because here’s the reality…you must first take action, recognize the mistakes, and then tweak them. You have to correct the mistakes. You have to course correct. You’ve got to put it out there and then fix it a little bit. But what you put out there first, you have to understand it’s not going to be the perfect product. It’s not supposed to be.  People are always talking about having a problem of perfection, but they haven’t taken action. There’s no way to have a perfectionism, without first being imperfect. You have to be imperfect and then practice perfecting it, first.


If you run into an obstacle, it’s not over. It’s simply a challenge that you’ve been presented with in order to get better and improve. This understanding helps to give the confidence to take action because you realize it doesn’t have to be perfect when you first get started. You can start imperfect to eventually correct and adjust to get closer to perfection. But you will make mistakes, and that’s ok…it’s part of the process!


Believe that it is worth it.

The fifth thing that you’ve got to believe in is that it’s worth it. That whatever you’re doing is worth it.  If we’re talking about going after your purpose, it’s worth it. If we’re talking about hitting a level you’ve never been at before, on a project that has just been calling you, it is worth it.  It is worth getting uncomfortable. It is worth waking up early in the morning. It is worth the sweat. It is worth the fatigue. It is worth getting uncomfortable. It’s worth it. If you don’t believe it’s worth it, you won’t grind. So you’ve got to believe it’s worth it. Here’s what the belief in the fact that it’s worth does, it builds, and it builds grit. You’ve got to have grit in order to grow.


Let’s summarize the five things that you’ve got to believe in.

  1. You’ve got to believe in your ability, the ability to do it.
  2. You’ve got to believe in the possibility that you’re going to do it.
  3. You’ve got to believe in the reality of it.  That it is just a matter of time, it’s eventual.
  4. You’ve got to believe in the process of improvement and correction.
  5. You’ve got to believe it’s worth it.

5 Steps to Overcome Failure

Today we’re going to be talking about the five things that you can do to overcome if you fall short of your goal. Many of us set goals. We may set them for New Year’s resolutions for other noteworthy milestones and work goals. For those of us who are going after these goals, it happens that sometimes we don’t hit them.


What can you do to overcome if you don’t hit your goal?


Here a few things to keep in mind. It happens, sometimes you don’t hit your goal. And it’s okay if that happens, it happens to the best of us. I’m going to explain that even when you fall short of your goal, there are some really good things that happen along the way that you can take with you and still be able to achieve more in the future.


The first thing is to understand that it’s okay. You’ll be all right. I won’t use the word failure when you fall short of your goal, primarily because to me, you only fail if you quit. You really only fail if you just throw in the towel and say that’s it. But to me, I say falling short of the goal. Because failing suggests that there are no more attempts to go after it, that you’re done, and you’re not coming back. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just understand you only fail if you quit and stay down.


Now you have also to understand that overcoming challenges and sometimes falling short of your goal is the cost of future success.


If you’re really looking to be successful and to achieve certain goals, sometimes the cost of that is falling short of a few of these earlier goals. One example of that is Michael Jordan. I’m a big sports fan, so it just makes sense that the analogies or the stories that really hit home and make my point is aligned with sports. But if you think about Michael Jordan, he didn’t make his high school basketball team. A lot of people would consider the fact that he failed at that time. But I think you and I can both agree that he ended up being massively successful as a basketball player.


But sometimes these challenges, these times whenever we fall short of our goals, they serve as motivation to really excel in the future. If you stay along the line of the Michael Jordan story, there was a time in his career when he had yet to win a championship. And he was several years into the league, and he met the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs. And every single year in the playoffs, he would lose against Detroit. And he wouldn’t just lose, but I mean, they would beat this dude up, physically, mentally, emotionally, he was drained to the point to where when he and the Bulls were interviewed, they wanted to quit. They were just pounding them.


But I watched a documentary that talked about how eventually he was able to get back up and overcome that challenge. Some people would have considered failures of not making it to the finals in the past. But he, and he was able to withstand the physical and mental beat down from the Pistons, and he eventually overcame that. And when they talk to the Detroit Pistons, they feel responsible for making what was the beast of Michael Jordan because he went through so much and got so strong that by the time he overcame them as a team, he was unstoppable.


Understand a lot of these things that you might be going through or falling short of your goals is simply a setup for a big-time buildup in the future. Let’s jump in. Let’s talk about these five things that you’re going to be able to do to overcome falling short of your goals.


Have Short-Term Memory

The first thing you’ve got to do and write this down, is you’ve got to stop beating yourself up. We are notorious for this if we don’t hit a goal, just beating ourselves up over and over and over again. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to this. And I’m guilty of this as well.


I’ve got a fitness coach, Patrick Dr. Fit Jamerson, and he challenges me. And there are often times where I don’t meet the challenge. I accept the challenge, but I may not reach it. I may not hit the mark. And for a while, I was really beating myself up like, wow, man. I’m not hitting the goal in the gym. But when I stopped and looked at it, I saw the improvement that I made, that I had been making over time. And so oftentimes, we focus on what we did not do. And we fail to realize all of the improvement, all of the things that happen, all of the growth, just being able to improve along the way.


So the first thing I encourage you to do is just stop beating yourself up. And look at the growth that happened as a result of you setting the goal and going after it. And so you’ve got to have, number one, short-term memory.



The second thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to pray. You’ve got to get on your knees, and you’ve got to pray. And you’ll probably recognize this is a common theme in terms of things that I’m telling you to do. And if it’s a common theme, it’s probably something we should probably implement into our lives. But here’s the deal, and here’s what you want to pray for. You want to ask: Am I going after the right thing? Am I going after the thing that you want me to do, God? Because I think we can all agree that if we’re going after the goal that he put in our hearts, well then the likelihood of us being able to achieve it has got to be much higher. So pray, and pray for discernment. And say, “Hey. Am I going after the right thing?”


Ask Yourself TheRight Questions

The third thing you want to do is you want to ask yourself the right questions. This is really more of a reevaluation of what happened and why you may have fallen short. The first question you want to ask yourself is: What is the lesson? What is the lesson that I’m supposed to learn here? Because there is a lesson to be learned. And this is what I guess you can call the silver lining because, in any loss, there’s a lesson. Write that down. In every loss, there’s a lesson. Just like Jordan had a lesson whenever he lost to the Pistons back in the day. There’s a lesson in the loss. And so you want to ask yourself: What is my lesson? What is the lesson that I’m supposed to learn in this?


The second thing is: Why? And the why is: What is ‘my’ why? Why am I really going after this goal? Why am I doing this? So many times we will lose our way on why we originally started going after our goal, and we’ll veer off. And often, veering off means that instead of that why being rooted in service and what we were doing, and got us so excited, is now we start to veer off. And that why starts to be more about us. Just ask yourself why. What is ‘my’ why?


The third thing that you want to ask in terms of questions is: How? How can you improve from this? How can I take the lessons that I learned from the loss and improve? Again those three questions are: What? Why? And how?


You Got ToBuild Belief

The fourth overall thing you want to do is build more belief. I’m a firm believer that the reason why people may fall short of their goals is that of’a lack of belief. Performance is directly connected to mindset and belief, so you want to do things to help build that belief up because you become what you believe. And so if I truly believe that this is what I’m supposed to be doing and that I can accomplish it, the likelihood of achieving it becomes much higher. So the fourth thing is to build the belief.


Get Back Up Again

The fifth and final thing that you want to do to overcome falling short of your goal is you want to get back up and try again. You’ve got to get back up. And so oftentimes, you may not hit the goal. But don’t change the goal, change the plan. A And this is what you have to do. You got to get back in the game. You cannot stay down because if you don’t do number five, that’s when you fail. If you do not get back up and try again, that is the failure.


Let me recap in general the five things that you can do to help overcome falling short of your goal.


The first thing you got to do is short-term memory. Focus on the stuff that you did learn, and move forward with that. But you’ve got to have a short-term memory, don’t dwell on that past. And stop beating yourself up.

The second thing is you’ve got to pray. Make sure that you’re doing what it is that God put into your heart.

And the third thing is you’ve got to ask the right questions. Ask yourself the right questions.

Fourth, build the belief. Build the belief that you need to be able to excel and hit that goal.

And then fifth, get back up and try again.


All right, guys. Tough topic because so many times we want to talk about hitting our goals. But the reality is there are times when we don’t. It’s part of life. But what are you going to do when it happens? Life is not so much about, what you do. But how do you respond to things that happen in your life?

All Odds are Against You…How to Win REGARDLESS!!

Today let’s talk about all the odds being against you. Everything points to the idea that you will not succeed. That whatever goal you have set, at least right now, if you take a snapshot, it looks like you’ve pretty much already lost. Why should you continue to move forward? And, despite the odds, you basically tell the odds, forget you. You tell the odds, listen, we’re not going to do this. I’m actually going to win despite the odds. How do you do that? How do you win regardless of the odds?


The odds are going to happen. It’s just inevitable. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this has a specific goal. You have something that you are very passionate about. Either you’ve already started, or you want to get started, and I want you to really focus on that today. I want you to apply what I’m telling you to whatever it is that you are passionate about going after or have yet to go after, and I want you to apply what I’m talking about today.


Because here’s the deal. If it hasn’t happened already, the odds at some point are going to get to the point to where it says, ‘there is little chance of you winning.’ You’re going to hit a wall, and things are going to go downhill. You’ll hit a valley. You’ll hit a plateau. You’ll stall out. A lot of different adjectives and descriptive terms for this, but there’s going to be something where it gets to the point where it’s like, man, I don’t know if I can win. No one is exempt from this. No one! If you haven’t hit it yet, it’s going to happen.


I want you to think about this goal, and I want you to think about whatever it is that you’re working on as a story. Like a movie. That story and that movie that you have, you know the end to the movie already. I want you to keep that in mind as we continue to move forward in this post. As you are reading this, I want you to think about whatever challenge maybe you’ve already overcome or maybe you’re in the midst of that challenge of whatever this thing is that you’re trying to accomplish.


So, there’s this movie that you’re creating. There’s this story that you’re creating, and you know the end to it already. You know how the end happens. And the end is your goal. The end is that thing that you want to be able to do.


Let me tell you how you actually win despite the odds. I’m going to give you five practical, applicable things that you can literally take today and start to implement into your life as it relates to this goal that you have in your mind.


First thing you got to do is you’ve got to have a tremendous amount of vision. You’ve got to have a vision. What I mean when I say vision, you’ve got to see the end of the movie with crystal clear clarity. It’s got to be so clear; it’s as if you’re living it when you think about it. It is almost tangible. You have got to become so crystal clear that you can see the exact colors of what’s happening at the time that you win, that you accomplish your goal. You can hear the voices. You can sense it. You can taste it. The vision is not just visual; it is an experience that you have to have with crystal clear clarity.


And understand, there are two things that you need to really engage or employee in this vision. You have to have very clear thoughts, but you’ve also got to have emotion. Thoughts coupled with emotion will give a vivid experience of the end of the movie.


But understand You don’t know the middle of the movie because you have to live out the body of the movie. But you have to know what the end of the movie looks like and it must engage your thoughts and emotion. How will you feel when you get there? I want you to do that on a daily basis. Experience the win every single day. That’s the first thing you got to do is have a vision.


The Second thing you got to do is you have to have faith. What I mean when I say faith is, you’ve got to live your life as if you know the end of the movie already. You have to live your life and go through life, continue to do the daily disciplines and the things that you have to do to accomplish your goal, despite what the external circumstances say, and with knowing the end of the movie already.


Because here’s the deal, when you look at it that way, when the odds are against you, you say, well you know what, I know the end of the movie already. But, imagine if I knew the end and the score of last night’s game. Say I taped the game and then someone just happened to tell me, hey Virginia won. I’m only assuming Virginia won; I don’t know. Well, you can imagine if I watched that game later, and say Virginia is down by 20 points at half time, but you guys verified to me that Virginia won. Well, I’m watching the game knowing that end already. You see, so when they’re down by 20 at half time, guess what? I still have confidence because I’m like, I know Virginia won. You need to live your life as though you know the end of the movie already and you’re simply happening to live and watch and experience the taped version of what we already know the end too.


Knowing the end of your movie gives you confidence. Think about your favorite movie. Most of the movies that you enjoy are movies of triumph. Or the movies whenever someone is stuck in the bottom, and they’re able to work their way up, they’re in a valley, and they’re able to overcome.


Your story is going to be extremely compelling. Don’t you want a really cool story? I would hate for me to be telling my story to someone and it’s just boring, and people are yawning. I want my story to be tremendous, fantastic. All the odds mean is that your story is compelling. That’s all that odds mean to me. It’s like, man, when things are down, I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m going through a bunch of stuff right now as it relates to my business and coaching, stuff like that. But I look at it, and I say, you know what? The odds are just making this a very compelling story. You just have to know the end already and live your life in faith as though you know the ending.


The third thing that you have to do is there’s a certain mentality that you have to have. That mentality is this. No matter what’s going on, when the odds are happening, it’s simply one page of the story. It is one snapshot of the story. That’s all it is. You are merely in one frame of the movie. That’s it. All that is happening right now is that you have not turned the page yet. We have not gotten to the next scene. The next scene might be even worse. But you know the end of the movie as we said in the second step. All it is is a snapshot. It’s just that scene of the movie. That’s all we’re looking at, at that one particular time.


But remember, it’s a movie, it’s a story, and whenever these things are happening, I look at it like this. I say, well, you know, life is simply making room for new things to come. Life is making room for new things to come — particularly when things start going downhill. You’ll hear people say, man, I can’t stand my job, or I need to do something new, and I need something, or I really want something fresh in my life, and they’re positive, and then they happen to lose their job. And they’re like, man; I was being positive, I thought I was supposed to be positive through this whole time, why did I lose my job? Well, to me, I’m simply thinking, first of all, we’re just looking at one page in the story. We’re just looking at one scene in the movie. And the other thing is, room is being made for something new. Room is being made for something better.


I want you to write this down. New things can’t happen in the old way. New things that are happening in your life can’t happen the old way it did, or else it will continue to happen the way it did in the past. New things don’t happen in the old way. Sometimes it means that you got to experience something that might seem bad at first. But for new things to happen, it won’t happen the old way. Start to embrace some of the things that are happening during the challenges because it means new things are coming. Don’t turn around and head backward. You’ve got to continue to move forward.


The fourth thing you have to do is you have to create an environment that’s conducive to having faith and be able to continue to move forward. A lot of people might have someone in their life that’s saying, you know what man, the odds are bad right now and I think you just need to cash it in. I think you need to turn around. This is costing a lot of money. Or, this is far too much time for you. You’ve got to look at your reason why you’re doing it. You’ve got to evaluate the situation and say, you know what, I’m doing this for a reason.


But you got to put yourself around people who are going to be able to encourage you through these times. Because you can’t do this alone, I’ll be the first to say; I was the guy who would never listen. I thought I could do everything on my own and I would put this burden on my back like it was a badge of honor to do all the things on my own. I started seeing it was much easier to carry my weight with other people. To be able to have people encourage you, inspire you, speak life into you during those times where you really need some help. That environment will be with people.
Also, create a routine of reading something every single day that is going to encourage you. Personally, I like the Bible, but there’s a lot of other books that instruct and inspire in terms of routines that you can do that will also create a mindset that you can continue to move forward. That’s also part of your environment, is your mindset. The things that you’re reading are the things that you’re inputting. These people who are speaking to us, they’re putting an input of belief into our brain, and that’s really what we’re trying to do is create an environment to help us believe despite the odds.


Then last but not least, you guys know I’m a person of faith. You got to pray. I mention prayer oftentimes whenever I’m talking on these Tuesday Topics, but, you have to understand what prayer is. Prayer is really a request. Oftentimes, and I’m not talking about thanks, we definitely pray, and we thank God. But I’m talking about praying for strength, praying for something and having a very strong request for something.


I want you to think about it this way. We oftentimes ask our friends for things, like, hey, I really need you to do this for me. It can be something you’re very passionate about. I’m running late, and I need you to do this for me. Can you please do this? I need a favor. Can you help me? Can you please? Oftentimes, we will plead with people for the things that we want and need. But for some reason, when we pray, it’s extremely nonchalant.


I want you to think about it this way. If you really saw what you’re trying to accomplish as an absolute request, it is a request to the person, to the God who can make anything happen, why would your request not be on the same order of passion and desire as you would a human being for some of the more trivial things that we need on a daily basis? It should be with extreme passion the things that you’re going for, that you’re praying for and with absolute belief. And if you believe that what you are doing, that you are helping and serving people more, then you would say listen to my prayer, I’m offering up with an extreme amount of desire and passion. So as you pray, I want you to think about it that way. It’s a request, and you have to think about the request that there is an actual answer. There’s a possibility for an answer. So you got to pray with a certain amount of desire and heart and enthusiasm as you ask for that request.


To summarize the five things that you need to do to be able to say, you know what, Not today odds. The odds are against you, and this is how you’re going to say, forget the odds. I’m going to win, regardless.


First thing you got to do is you got to have a vision, Crystal clear vision with thought and emotion.


The second thing you got to do, you got to have faith. Live your life like you know the end to that movie already.


The third is, you got to have a mentality. This is the part where I talk about controlling your thoughts. You got to be able to control your thoughts and say, know this is all maybe not going good, but instead of my thoughts of negativity and fear and worry really just makes me feel terrible. And by the way, worry and fear aren’t going to make things happen any faster. The third part is the mentality that, you know what? It’s just a snapshot. I’m just in one scene of my movie here. And, new things can’t happen the old way, so life is just making room for me.


The fourth thing is, you got to create an environment around yourself, people, a routine, reading.


Then the last thing is prayer.


As always, I hope this helps. Make sure you share this with someone. These are principles that not only have I learned but through the grace of God, helped a lot of people in their life be able to have more success, more fulfillment, live life at a higher level and be the person that they deserve and that really you deserve to be. If that’s the case, make sure you share this information with someone so that it can affect their life.

Tiger’s Comeback: Life Lessons of Redemption

So how many people are excited to have seen Tiger just come back after such a long drought? Even if you are not a fan of golf, it was easy to recognize Tigers elite status as he dominated his sport for so long. So let’s talk about Tiger’s career real quick. Tiger was born to do this. I mean, he was born with a golf club in his hand, and his father was a big-time golf fan and got him started at an early age.


Tiger was fantastic. I don’t think Tiger really had any trials. He didn’t have a whole lot of obstacles when it came to golf. It would just come so natural to him, he as beyond phenomenal at it. By the time he started his pro golf career he was already labeled as one of the best and possibly was going to be the Michael Jordan of our time, or the best of all time. So he came out on an absolute tear, and early in his career he was able to win those first 14 majors, and he changed the game of golf. He had such a large following. I mean, people who never paid attention to golf started watching golf because of him. People who never played golf begun to play golf because of one person. He was the first golfer that looked cool. He was built, he was strong, he was confident, he wore the red on Sundays. He changed the game of golf, and the guy was on a whole other planet in terms of how good he was.


So you fast forward from the start of his career, he wins 14 majors, and the unfortunate truth is that no one knew what was going on behind the curtains, and this is just so applicable to our own lives, is that often times we have no idea what’s going on in other people’s lives. Everything might look together on the outside, but when you peel back the curtain people are hurting. Tiger had a whole different life outside of what he was doing in golf, unfortunately. He had this huge fall from grace where he dealt with two big things. One was mistakes, just making mistakes, and the other was injuries. Unfortunately, everything came out. He was living an adulterous life, ended up having a drug problem. Even as recent as 18 months ago we saw mugshots from jail whenever he was caught on driving under the influence. He just made mistake after mistake, and then he had multiple surgeries.


A lot of people don’t know this, but Tiger actually had his last back surgery, his fusion, here in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. So the folks at Texas Back Institute actually operated on Tiger. Plano was responsible for Tiger’s comeback, but between the mistakes and the injuries, Tiger went on an absolute drought, and that drought lasted for 11 years.


The first lesson is patience. So many of us are going after things, and we wanted it yesterday. Let me ask you something. Whatever it is that you’re going for, if someone said, “Dude, listen. From today it’s gonna take you 11 years to finally get to that place that you want to be, that you’ve envisioned, that you’ve dreamed of, is going to take you 11 years.” Here is the question, is it worth it? If it is not worth sticking to it and remaining patient for 11 years, you may want to ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing?”.


So you really have to have this idea of long term patience. Patience would result in urgency regarding the activity. The ability to be patient with the results, and if it’s worth it, that patience will pay off in the end, okay?


The second thing is perseverance. We watched Tiger, really his persistence and resilience. There was a point where I think we all almost felt bad for Tiger because he would continue to play in a tournament. He started dropping out of tournaments because of his injuries. How many times do I need to get up before I make it to the finish line? But again, you gotta ask yourself the same question. Is it worth it to get knocked down over, and over, disappointment after disappointment, and continue to stand back up and say, “I’m gonna go after it again.” Is it worth it? The interesting thing about Tiger is he experienced tremendous success and was trying to come back to it. Some of us haven’t even experienced any success, and you’re still knocked down and trying to come back up.


So perseverance was a huge story and life lesson that I got from Tiger this past weekend. The ability to persevere, the ability to be resilient. If whatever you’re doing is not worth it, you may need to reconsider. Is what I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing?


The third lesson is the adjustment. This part I really like because see, Tiger couldn’t play the game now as he played in the past. Tiger would dominate, and he would intimidate. If you notice the way he plays now, he plays different, and for him to win in this season, Tiger had to adjust. He has to do things differently than he did originally.


See, Tiger was unrelatable at first. We exalted Tiger because of his talent, but Tiger, no one can really relate to Tiger ’cause he was so good. But Tiger is relatable now. Tiger is more of a person now. We understand Tiger because he’s been through the bottom and he’s been to the top, and we’ve watched the whole thing. So Tiger adjusted a lot of things. New things in your life will not happen the old way, and just like Tiger, new things, have him winning again after an 11-year drought, came a completely different way, and it didn’t happen the way I’m sure he predicted it. Same thing with you. Whatever you’re going for, it won’t happen the way you anticipated it, but if you want new things, they’re not gonna happen the old way, alright.


Now, the fourth thing is forgiveness. For those of you who know me, you know I’m a Christian. To watch Tiger go through everything that he went through, a lot of people stopped following Tiger, endorsements dropped him. He really had a fall off from grace. He was making bad mistakes, and listen, we all make mistakes, but to get to a point where a lot of people really forgave Tiger and got in his corner. Tiger could’ve easily been like, “Dude. I’m done. With everything that’s been seen and my life exposed.” Tiger could’ve just been, kind of faded into the darkness, but Tiger kept playing despite that and he had to put the past in the past. So many of us are living in the past, it is we’re not allowing ourselves to propel in the future. When I say forgiveness, we have found a way to forgive Tiger, which I think is awesome because so many people have rallied behind him despite these major mistakes that most people would describe that he’s done in his life, but I really think Tiger forgave himself.


Then last, but not least is the mindset. Tiger continued to move forward in on the back nine. Listen to what I’m telling you guys, and listen very carefully. You want to perform at a high level, you want to perform and be elite. Tiger was used to that. Start getting used to being uncomfortable and make that new level of uncomfortable the comfort zone in your life. It has to be because this guy wasn’t used to that. Tiger right on his heels. He bogeys a hole, now it’s in his head, and once it’s in his head in a negative way, that’s it, but the ability to say, bogey a hole and just say, “You know what?” Even that past say, “My future in these holes is not this past bogey that just happened.” And move forward. Short term memory and move forward. I’m telling you guys, mindset is huge, okay?


So if you want to have temporary success, then sure, work on all the external stuff. Temporary success is working on all of the external stuff. Lasting transformation happens up here in your mind? So to watch the difference between Molinari and Tiger in the back nine was just so key and a perfect example of what mindset could do for you in a time of pressure.


So guys listen, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I’m obviously a sports fan. I’m a Tiger fan. I’ll just come out and say it, but more importantly, I’m a fan of a comeback, and I’m a fan of redemption, and all of us have a story. Listen to what I’m telling you. Each and every one of us has a story. What is going to be your story? Is your story going to be compelling enough that someone else will listen and be inspired by your ability to bounce back, come back, have redemption, be patient, be perseverant, adjust to the time so that you can be better? Forgive yourself to move forward and have a great mindset. Are you gonna have a story that people want to tell? Or you gonna have a story that doesn’t really have much in terms of being compelled, in terms of inspiring someone else? And that means that often times we gotta go low. That means we gotta be in a valley in life at some point, but the great stories are the one with the folks who were in the valley make it to the top.

Happiness Guaranteed If You Follow These Steps

There’s a guarantee on happiness if you follow the things that I’m writing about today. This is something I’m extremely passionate about because I see a lot of people who are struggling in life and they feel like their circumstances are what is causing them to be unhappy and unfulfilled in where they are in life. So, they’re pointing the finger at other things. They’re searching for things that are also going to make them happy, they’re searching for things that are external to them that they believe is going to bring them happiness.


I’m going to dispel the myth today that anything external from you is what you need to make you happy. We oftentimes hear things like, oh well, it’s not about material things. I think we just say that, to make us feel better. But many of us aren’t living that. Listen to what I just said, we often say, oh, it’s not about the material things. But we put these things on such high pedestals, and we make these things such icons in our life, that when we don’t get them, we’re so disappointed. But when in the meantime, even if we were to achieve these things and acquire these things in our life, they still won’t bring us what we’re looking for.


The reason why I’m talking about this-this week is that I just see a lot of people who are struggling. I see a lot of people who are unhappy. The reality is this, we have a choice. We have a choice in this life, you have a choice, whether you’re going to be happy or not. If someone tells me, you know what, I’m not happy, and I say, why are you not happy? Why are you not fulfilled? They say, “Well, because this happened in my life. Because I got fired. Because I didn’t make money, I wanted. Because I didn’t achieve my goal. That’s why I’m not happy. That’s why I’m not fulfilled.”


I say, “Well, why are you relying on something else outside of that to be happy? Why have you not chosen to be fulfilled no matter what happens in your life? I know that sounds crazy, but I’m just telling you what really works. We have a choice, we have a decision to be happy, and you decide every single morning when you wake up, am I going to experience happiness today? Am I going to choose to see the things that will make me fulfilled and joyful? Am I going to choose to see life in such a way that will make me feel good?


Ironically enough, here’s what’s crazy, we all want success. If I was to say anybody who wants to be successful and successfully achieve some goal in life, you have a vision of what that means, you also have a vision of what general success means. We also toss that word around. I want to be successful. I even say it in my intro. I say, hey, I help you achieve greater levels of success and fulfillment. You have a choice. I’m going to give you the keys to be fulfilled.


But we all have this thought of how we visualize success. I’m talking about happiness today. But here’s what’s crazy, if you follow what I’m talking about today, this also works just as well if you are trying to create success. I’m not just talking about temporary success, I’m talking about lasting success. I’m really talking about lasting success and fulfillment today and how you get it.


The First step is self-growth. You must become a fan of growing you. You have to be your primary investment. Listen to what I’m telling you, you have to be your primary investment in life. Because you are the common denominator of every single thing that happens to you. If I’m in the picture of everything in my life, I want to make sure that I am so self-invested, that I am making the absolute best decision and actions in my life that will help me achieve what I’m looking to achieve in life.


Here’s what I mean when I say self-growth. Really, another word just in summary for self-growth would be wisdom. Listen, wisdom has nothing to do with age. I know a lot of people who are much older than me who I would not take advice from. I know some people who are not as old as I am, who are just wise beyond their years. Wisdom has nothing to do with age, it has enough to do with being able to self-reflect and experiences that you’ve had over your life and being able to make changes.


But when it comes to self-growth, there are a few things that you have to focus on. One is gratitude. You have to be grateful and understand that things can always be worse. That is one of the things that I say, every single day when I spend time in meditation and in prayer in the morning, every day I say, “You know what? Things can always be worse.” Always, just when you think things are really bad, they can always be worse.


It’s one of those feelings, have you ever felt like you might be having a bad day? And then someone tells their story about how they have cancer and things are going bad, and they lost all their money, and then they overcame, or maybe they didn’t overcome yet. But you’re just like, man, wow, life isn’t that bad for me? But if you can understand that, all the time, a sense of gratitude is going to help you with self-growth.


The other thing you have to do when it comes to self-growth is personal responsibility. Personal responsibility, tying those two words together. Here’s what personal responsibility is. It is taking ownership of your life. It is taking ownership of not just the good and the great things that you do, the things that people praise you for, the things that people look at you and say, “Man, you’re so awesome.” But it is just as important as taking the losses and being responsible for the losses just as much as you stand there and say, you know what, I’m responsible for that win.


When you do that, you don’t put the blame on anyone else, and on anything that happens in your life. The first thing you do is you look directly in the mirror, and you say, “You know what, again, I’m the common denominator in everything in my life.” Even though it may not have had to do 100% with me with the result that happened, what could I have done better in this situation? That’s how you grow. You start asking yourself questions, how could I have done better? How can I improve from this situation? That’s personal responsibility and taking ownership of your life.


The third thing in terms of self-growth is self-awareness. Being aware of your decisions, being aware of how your decisions affect other people. When I think about self-awareness, somebody who is not self-aware, have you ever thought about … I’m sure you probably heard the analogy like a bull in a china shop? Just turning around knocking down stuff, not even realizing it. People who are not self-aware, they’re doing things in life, they’re hitting people, and have no idea that what they’re doing is affecting other people. They’re just thinking about themselves.


You don’t want to be that person, you don’t want to be the bull in the china shop of life where people are like, “What are you doing?” And you have no idea. So, becoming self-aware means really thinking about everything that you do. I want you to think about this, and I want you to try this to increase your energy throughout the day, to apply more energy to thinking about what you think about.


Listen to what I just said, I want you to apply more energy to start thinking about what you think about. Often during the day, we have what I call the drift, we’re just drifting in life. I want you to on your own phone today just set it for a random time. Set the alarm for a random time. When that goes off, I want you to just think, what am I thinking about? Oftentimes, you’re just drifting. Think about how many times you might be trying to focus on one task, and even when you’re trying to focus on the task, you start drifting. I’ll be praying in the morning, and I’ll be praying about one thing, then I’m thinking about something else.


So, start focusing on being very present in putting all your energy on where you are right now so that you can be more self-aware. That will help you out. That’s the first one, which is self-growth.
The second one is service. In order to be happy, you have to serve. But like I said, a lot of these principles we’re talking about today also apply to success. The more you serve, the more you serve other people, I can assure you, I can guarantee you that the more you will be fulfilled, and the more successful you’ll be.


Find a way to serve and really this is more of just having a heart of service. I might as a habit, and because through the grace of God, my parents just taught me well, I might open the door for someone, and that might be habitual. If I see someone coming and I open the door for them, that just might be habitual. But when I have a heart of service, and I’m doing things intently, with the full intention of serving other people. When I open that door and knowing that I’m trying to serve that person, but not habitually, it’s a different feeling that happens. You might be doing things for other people now, and that is fantastic. But when you start with intention, thinking about how you are serving people in everything that you do with any hat that you wear. Whether you’re wearing your hat as a spouse, wearing your hat as a parent, wearing your hat as an employee or as a business owner, or as a person who’s responsible for your health.


How do I feel like I’m serving someone if I’m working out? Listen, one of the things that pushes me to work out and be healthy is that in order for me to come and talk on this Facebook Live and do the speaking that I do, I’ve got to be healthy. In order to have my health, that is significant. I’ve got to serve as an example for my children of how to live a healthy life. Yes, I’m serving my children, I’m serving you when I go work out because I’ve got to be the best me whenever I come on here. I can’t be out here not practicing what I preach. You see what I’m saying? So I’m serving when I work out. This is how you have a heart, and a mentality of services is how can I serve in every single thing that I do?


As you start to make decisions in life, think man, how can I make this of service in some way? I’m telling you, it’s going to have a completely different transformation in your life. Because you’ll be thinking about how you’re helping others with the things that you’re doing, and you will be more willing to do them knowing that they’re in some way either directly or indirectly helping other people. Because you decided to take action, and that it will serve them in some way, shape, form or fashion. A heart of service. The more people you serve, the more people you serve, I am telling you, you will receive more than they probably will over time.


The third thing is going to be sacrifice. You probably noticed a common theme, each of these words start with the letter S. So, sacrifice. The reason I do that, by the way, is I’m serving you because I want you to remember the four words. I know that’s going to be easier for you to remember. When I’m thinking about what I’m going to talk about, I say, man, how can I serve the people that I’m talking to better? Let me give them words that will all start with the same letter so they can be a little easier for them to remember.


Again, the first one is self-growth. Second is service, the third one is sacrifice. Listen, when you sacrifice more, it means more. When you sacrifice, it’s just going to mean more. The more that you give, we oftentimes hear the more you give, the more you receive. But to me, if you add another word on that, the more you give up, the more that you give up, the more that you will receive in the end.


This is the reason why, if you’ve ever watched an award show, whether it’s the Grammys, or it could be the Country Music Awards, it could be the Hip Hop Award, it doesn’t matter. You will see someone … Really, the Oscars also, you will see someone giving a speech, and they will be crying. The reason why they’re crying is because of what it took, the sacrifice that they had to do to get there; the time, the money, the energy, the being knocked down and coming back up, the sacrifice with which it took, and the reason why you see people in the crowd who do what they do crying as well, is because they knew what it took to get there.


It is emotional. The more you sacrifice toward whatever it is that you’re going after, the more time, the more money, the more energy, the more emotion that you sacrifice, I can assure you that you in return will be more fulfilled.


And then the fourth one is spirituality. Spirituality, being able to connect with God, a higher power. For those of you who know me, you know I’m Christian. To be able to connect with God and Jesus Christ … We just celebrated Easter. Let me tell you one of the things that helps me when I feel like things are just not going well. I might be on a run of things not going well. Have you ever had a situation where things are just back to back to back not going well?


Things might even be going backwards. One of the things I think is man, to be able to have a God that cares enough for me to know what’s best for me and to always, listen to this, always have the best intention for me in mind, no matter what may be happening at that time. At that point, I’m able to say, thank you for not allowing me to be able to close that deal. Thank you for this not happening. Thank you for something that I wish so much for not happening because you know what’s best for me.


I can always rely on the fact that there is a higher power that is helping me and guiding me to be the best person that I can. It’s because sometimes I’m not doing that. So, I have to be redirected. To be able to connect with that God is significant. When we feel like we’re doing it all on our own, we put the weight far too much on ourselves, and then we’re stressed, and we’re overwhelmed because we’re trying to do too much. But the reality is, we have help. The question is, are you tapping into it, and are you able to see whenever things aren’t as good as they should be, that that’s okay. And it’s for a reason that that’s going on? Being able to reflect and say, you know, what, well, if this isn’t where I’m supposed to go, where am I supposed to go, and have some guidance.


But to always know that there is someone who has my back enough to know that man, they have my best interests in mind, God has my best interest in mind. Guys, listen, I told you whenever I logged on this morning that today was going to be a life-changing show, life-changing. What I want you to do is I want you to share this with as many people as possible. I just literally gave you the keys and the formula to be able to be happy, guaranteed if you follow these things. Follow the steps, be consciously aware of this stuff and apply it.


I don’t come on here every Tuesday because I want this to just be a feel good, 15 minutes, and then you go out and don’t do it. Apply this, write this down, take notes, save this show, share it with somebody immediately who you know is trying to be more happy. That means you should share with a lot of people because most of us are just trying to be more fulfilled.


We think sometimes it’s the money, we think sometimes it’s the fame, or it’s the credit that we get from achievement. It’s the new job, it’s the raise. We think that these are the things that are going to make us happy. But everything that I just told you about are things that are from within. These external things from our life, really are just distractions from what is really causing us, or what we can really have to be fulfilled in our lives.


At this point, I’m trying to serve as many people as I can. I can’t move fast enough in terms of the amount of people that I can serve with this information. So, make sure you share this, guys. It’s been amazing again this morning. Absolutely fantastic. This is Dr. Brad signing off, your double boarded sports medicine physician and peak performance coach. Helping you and all the successful professionals that we know spreading this thing out to make sure that you can achieve higher levels of success and fulfillment so that you can live the best version of you. See you guys next week.

Achieve more, Become More, Live More…with Less Mistakes.

Let’s talk about how to achieve more, and become more. How do you live more? How do you live the life that you always wanted to live? How do you do this while making fewer mistakes?

The problem is we all want to live this phenomenal lifestyle, and many of us want to serve many people. We’ve got big hopes, and we’ve got big dreams, but the reality is, we just aren’t doing it, and we find ourselves stuck.


Have ever you felt stuck? Like, you’ve gotten to a certain point in your life, your career, your spirituality, fitness, business, or in your finances, and you cannot seem to move past it…stuck! Some of us we stay stuck for weeks, many of us for more than weeks, months and years, and it’s like “how do I get unstuck”?


So today, the framework with which we’re going to talk about is, think about a journey. Literally, think about going on a journey, and the end of the journey is whatever it is that you want to achieve.

let’s go through how we have more, how we achieve more, gain more, live more while making fewer mistakes.


  1. Begin with the end in mind


You MUST know what you want, and define it clearly. And you can’t just say it, you must write it down.


  1. Believe


You MUST believe, and you’ve got to believe in three things.


First thing you got to believe is that you can do it. You got to believe in yourself and that you’re capable.


The second thing that you got to believe is that it is possible. You have to believe in possibility. If you do not believe in possibility, by definition, you believe it is impossible. So you got to believe at least that what you’re going after is possible.


And the third thing you MUST believe is that it’s worth it. It must be big enough and worth doing.


  1. Get Help


Get people in your life that are going to be able to help you get to where you’ve got to go. Again, we are going on a journey, so you need to find a guide, somebody who’s been where you’re trying to go. We talk about how do you have more, be more, do more with less mistake? This is the less mistake part because, this guide, this coach, this mentor is going to be able to help you get there. Before you decide on who helps you, make sure that they’ve been there as well.


  1. Create a Roadmap


You and that other person, need to create a road map to getting to where you want to go. Basically, these are long term, medium term, short term goals. Map it out based on where you’re trying to go and work backward.


Now, here’s the thing about creating the map; it does not need to be perfect. Whenever you put things in the GPS, has it always been perfect? But here’s what’s crazy is that it will course correct you. But, create a map so that you have something to start moving toward.




Take action now, immediately! Here’s what you’ve got to understand when you take action…yes there will be mistakes, yes there will be roadblocks, yes there will be construction. Stuff that you did not expect at all whenever you got started on this journey, and that is okay. It’s part of it; it’s called life.


  1. Course Correct


As you’re going, there’s going to be detours, and there’s going to be roadblocks, there’s going to be rain, there’s going to be construction, there’s going to be elements that are going to try and prevent you from getting there. That doesn’t mean “stop”, it means take a detour and you can course correct. That means that the map may not be exactly to a tee perfect for you to get to your end goal. What it means is that you simply need to correct your course a little bit along the way, but you know what the end looks like.


I hope this helps you guys. Apply these principles in your life and it will lead you closer to improving your performance to the level you desire. Have a great week Be ELITE!


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Be More Productive. How To Get More Done In Less Time

Let’s talk about how to be more productive. How do you get more done in less time? We all have about anywhere between 15 and 20 things that we’re trying to get done at once, and it is difficult.


So how many people have ever felt like even though you seem to be so busy during the day, and that you’re doing so much stuff, you still feel like you get nothing done? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed because there’s such a laundry list of things to do, including the laundry? For some people, it creates anxiety. I have definitely felt that. Or have you ever felt like you know what, I’m just never going to get this one thing done?


If you’ve ever felt that way, I know exactly how you feel. See, I used to struggle with this. And you know what? Productivity, for me, sometimes, is still a struggle.


But the cool thing is, I figured out several things. And I’m going to talk about those five things today, that I have been able to implement into my life to be more productive.


  1. Create Clarity


The first thing that you have to do is you need to be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ve got to be clear. You’ve got to create some clarity in your goals.


You have to know what you’re shooting for, because if you’re not clear about what you’re shooting for, one, your action will not be purposeful. And not only that but when you start taking action, you won’t really know when you’ve completed your goal. There’s no way you’ll be able to say you’ve completed this task because you don’t know specifically what it is that you’re going after.


  1. Create A Schedule


What I mean by that is you must put this stuff on the calendar. If something is not on the calendar, mark my words, it does not exist. And the reason why is because we’re too busy. We got too much stuff going on. We got the kids going on, we got church going on, we got the side hustle going on, we got work going on. There are so many different things going on, that if you don’t put something on the calendar, then it does not exist. It brings it to life when you put it on the calendar.


  1. Morning Routine


If you do not have a morning routine, you need to develop one, as soon as possible.


  1. Be Fully Present


So whatever it is, whatever task that you’re doing…you MUST be fully present. Make sure whatever you are working on is what has your full attention, and nothing else.


Now this last nugget that I’m going to give you guys, I’m telling you this is huge. And this to me, is probably… Of the five keys that I’m giving you guys today, is the most important one. Okay? And so I really want you guys to pay attention!


  1. Conserve Energy


You’re probably wondering, what do you mean? Because I don’t mean energy in the way that you’re thinking about it. You see, you need to take a personal inventory of the distractions and the things that are taking energy away from you in your life. Once you’ve identified them, begin to limit them or completely eliminate them if they are not serving you well toward being more productive.


I hope this helps you guys. Apply these principles in your life and it will lead you closer to improving your performance to the level you desire. Have a great week Be ELITE!


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