May 4, 2021

Your Struggle IS NOT Meant To Last Forever

Your struggle IS NOT meant to last forever


Have you ever felt like you’ve been struggling with a certain challenge for a long time, and seems like nothing is changing?


Here’s what I NEED you to know…


Whatever your current struggle is…it IS NOT meant to last forever…


Your struggle is meant to LEARN & GROW from…not last forever!!


If there is a struggle in your life that seems to be lasting really long time, then I’m going to challenge you to begin asking yourself this question…


“What have I yet to learn or grow from in the midst of this challenge in my life?”


For example:

Remember the video game Super Mario Bros? There would be circumstances where I would get stuck and couldn’t move on to the next level. There was something I hadn’t learned or a task I hadn’t done on that level that was preventing me to move on to the next level.


Also think about working out or weight training in the gym. In order to lift more weight and get stronger, you have to be able to eventually grow and eventually master a certain pound of weight before you can increase the weight.


Our struggles and challenges of life are no different. We must GROW THROUGH, and not just GO THROUGH the struggles of life…in order to get to the next level. 


Listen, I completely get it…I’ve struggled with:

  • Being a loving husband that respected my wife
  • Anger as a father
  • Forgiveness of others
  • Being out of shape
  • Building quality trustworthy relationships
  • Feeling stuck


Thank God, I was able to eventually grow past these hurdles in my life. It was not overnight, but it was worth learning and applying new ideas to my life so I could grow through my challenges and not remain stuck.


Therefore, I’d like to offer 5 key principles to understand to help you get past your current greatest struggle:


  1. You are at your optimum performance the closer in relationship you are with God

Getting unstuck and growing past your challenge requires you be at your best performance. A high-performance car requires high-performance fuel and maintenance. Without God, it’s like putting old oil and regular unleaded in a Ferrari…it won’t perform at it’s best.


  1. This whole life is designed to either get closer to God and grow and improve, or get further away and stay stuck and unfulfilled.

Think about a doctor-patient relationship. If a patient is ill (aka stuck and struggling), and they refuse to go to the doctor, then they will continue to struggle and not improve. However, as soon as they establish a consistent healthy relationship with the doctor…they can get better and improve. This is no different in our lives without struggle. The more we put off going to the doctor of our lives…aka God, the longer the struggle will take to improve.


  1. God has been chasing you this entire time to be in relationship…and the sooner you take his hand…the sooner you can see things change. He wants you to depend on him instead of you depending on you!

God knows what he is capable of, and what your limits are. Therefore, he’s always with you waiting with his hand out, offering his help. However, it requires us to put our pride to the side and accept his help. It’s THE BEST decision we can make.


  1. Be reminded of your TRUE IDENTITY.

Often times we forget who we are OR have never understood who it is we REALLY are. Typically we define our identity by something external to us. For example, we define ourselves by our occupation, our title, status, or level of success. Your TRUE identity is defined by God. You are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! You are FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE! You are made in the IMAGE & LIKENESS OF GOD! Therefore, you are more than equipped to overcome and grow through whatever struggle you are facing. 


  1. The rate of your transformation is directly tied to how soon you reach out and receive help.

You were not meant to do life alone! Typically we, as high-achieving men, look at reaching out for help as a sign of weakness. This is not true! Reaching out for help is a sign of WISDOM! And the sooner you do, the sooner you will be on the road to more success and fulfillment in life.


So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to make a decision. Decide to embrace and establish the greatest relationship that will be directly related to you being your VERY BEST SELF in ALL AREAS OF WORK & LIFE! Decide to start building a relationship with God, And decide NOW!


If I can help you form that relationship…don’t hesitate to reach out!


Book a 1:1 discovery call with me at


Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad


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