A Simple Way To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Today we’re going to be talking about a simple way to help you achieve goals, all right? And so, I say simple, but not easy. These principles are not difficult to understand. They’re straightforward. But they’re not easy.   What I’m going to teach you today is simple. So, ultimately, what we’re talking about today,…

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Tiger’s Comeback: Life Lessons of Redemption

So how many people are excited to have seen Tiger just come back after such a long drought? Even if you are not a fan of golf, it was easy to recognize Tigers elite status as he dominated his sport for so long. So let’s talk about Tiger’s career real quick. Tiger was born to…

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All Odds are Against You…How to Win REGARDLESS!!

Today let’s talk about all the odds being against you. Everything points to the idea that you will not succeed. That whatever goal you have set, at least right now, if you take a snapshot, it looks like you’ve pretty much already lost. Why should you continue to move forward? And, despite the odds, you…

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5 Steps to Overcome Failure

Today we’re going to be talking about the five things that you can do to overcome if you fall short of your goal. Many of us set goals. We may set them for New Year’s resolutions for other noteworthy milestones and work goals. For those of us who are going after these goals, it happens…

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The Five That You’ve Got To Believe In

  I’m Dr. Brad, a double-boarded sports medicine physician and peak performance coach. I help driven & successful professionals achieve greater levels of success AND fulfillment so they can live the best version of themselves.   Today I am going to discuss the five things that you’ve got to believe in, so that you can…

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