Be More Productive. How To Get More Done In Less Time

Let’s talk about how to be more productive. How do you get more done in less time? We all have about anywhere between 15 and 20 things that we’re trying to get done at once, and it is difficult.


So how many people have ever felt like even though you seem to be so busy during the day, and that you’re doing so much stuff, you still feel like you get nothing done? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed because there’s such a laundry list of things to do, including the laundry? For some people, it creates anxiety. I have definitely felt that. Or have you ever felt like you know what, I’m just never going to get this one thing done?


If you’ve ever felt that way, I know exactly how you feel. See, I used to struggle with this. And you know what? Productivity, for me, sometimes, is still a struggle.


But the cool thing is, I figured out several things. And I’m going to talk about those five things today, that I have been able to implement into my life to be more productive.


  1. Create Clarity


The first thing that you have to do is you need to be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ve got to be clear. You’ve got to create some clarity in your goals.


You have to know what you’re shooting for, because if you’re not clear about what you’re shooting for, one, your action will not be purposeful. And not only that but when you start taking action, you won’t really know when you’ve completed your goal. There’s no way you’ll be able to say you’ve completed this task because you don’t know specifically what it is that you’re going after.


  1. Create A Schedule


What I mean by that is you must put this stuff on the calendar. If something is not on the calendar, mark my words, it does not exist. And the reason why is because we’re too busy. We got too much stuff going on. We got the kids going on, we got church going on, we got the side hustle going on, we got work going on. There are so many different things going on, that if you don’t put something on the calendar, then it does not exist. It brings it to life when you put it on the calendar.


  1. Morning Routine


If you do not have a morning routine, you need to develop one, as soon as possible.


  1. Be Fully Present


So whatever it is, whatever task that you’re doing…you MUST be fully present. Make sure whatever you are working on is what has your full attention, and nothing else.


Now this last nugget that I’m going to give you guys, I’m telling you this is huge. And this to me, is probably… Of the five keys that I’m giving you guys today, is the most important one. Okay? And so I really want you guys to pay attention!


  1. Conserve Energy


You’re probably wondering, what do you mean? Because I don’t mean energy in the way that you’re thinking about it. You see, you need to take a personal inventory of the distractions and the things that are taking energy away from you in your life. Once you’ve identified them, begin to limit them or completely eliminate them if they are not serving you well toward being more productive.


I hope this helps you guys. Apply these principles in your life and it will lead you closer to improving your performance to the level you desire. Have a great week Be ELITE!


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