Have you ever felt,“There’s something else out there for me”?

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So, I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but have you ever had in the back of your mind, that little voice saying, “There is something else out there for me. There is something else I’m supposed to be doing.”? And for the longest time, I ignored that voice. I personally think a lot of people ignore that voice, and they either ignore it so much that they completely turn it off, and then risk never experiencing an awesome level of fulfillment. OR , some people, just have to address it and finally answer the calls.



And so, if you’re one of those people who you want to address that exact voice that keeps saying, “There’s something else out there for you,” then we’re gonna talk about that. And so, really and truly, what that is, is your purpose that’s calling you. You see, I feel like we all have a purpose on this life. There is the grand scheme of things. There is this world and this world is supposed to function a certain way. And God has completely sovereignty, and he’s got a game plan for how this whole thing called life is supposed to work. And in that game plan, you have a role and responsibility in order for the whole thing to work. I want you to think about a puzzle and there are pieces of the puzzle that are supposed to fit in certain places. YOU have a piece of a puzzle that you’re supposed to be fulfilling. Think about a coach. Think about a coach that has a game plan for success. There are specific players on the court, or on the field that have roles and responsibilities. For example, in football, the offensive lineman is not supposed to be throwing the ball.


And so, we each have these roles and God has assigned us these roles, and he’s helped us do some things to really identify what role we’re supposed to be playing. That’s really what your purpose is…that mission that God has called you to do. And so, when you think about it, there are all of these roles, and we’re supposed to fulfill them. And if you don’t know what your role is, and if you never fulfill it, not only does that affect you but if affects everything around you. Think about that. If you never fill your piece of the puzzle, the picture never gets seen as it should, because there’s a huge gap in the puzzle.


Imagine playing basketball, for example, and no one tells you what your role or responsibility is on the court. Therefore, you are clueless to what you are supposed to be doing. You’ve got some talent, but you don’t know if you’re supposed to be playing point guard, or forward or center…you’re just out there. You don’t know the plays. You can imagine, that’s gonna cause a level of frustration. It’s gonna cause you to be like, “Man, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be here. Am I actually supposed to be here?” These are questions that you probably ask yourself. Like, “I don’t even know if I’m supposed to really be doing what I’m doing.” And you may have already experienced a lot of success, and this may have been your dream at some point, but “Is this what it’s supposed to look like?”


So, I’m gonna give you some things that you can do to really help find and hone in, what is it you are supposed to be doing? First and foremost, God’s given us gifts and talents, and we all have different gifts and talents. (1) You need to identify them. There’s somebody who might be fantastic at baking. I’m horrible at baking. But it doesn’t matter, you have a gift, and you need to be able to identify what these gifts are. Typically, they’re things that you’re just intrinsically good at. Someone, maybe, have told you , “Wow, you’re really good at _______” Or, maybe, complimented you. You can probably think about one or two things real quick that you’re just really good at and comes natural. You need to identify that.


Second, In addition to these gifts and talents you’ve also got (2) passions…things that just really fire you up, things that you just really have a love for, that you would do whether you’re getting paid or not, just because it brings joy to your life. You need to identify those things.


And the third thing is your (3) past experiences. And so, you’ve been allowed, and been specifically and strategically placed in certain experiences so that you can have that experience, which fuels you to really do things and gain wisdom from that experience to share with someone else.


So I want you to write down what I feel is the definition of your purpose, because if you can understand this definition, you can really piece together, over time, what it is that you’re supposed to be doing in your calling. Your purpose is the application of those unique gifts that you’ve been given, fueled by your passions and past experiences, to be able to serve other people by providing value to them. I’m gonna say that again. So, your purpose is the application of the gifts that you have been given, fueled the passions and past experiences, to serve other people by providing value that will improve their lives!


And if you are doing that, you are living in your purpose. There is no way that you can live in your purpose without serving other people. So I wanna just take that analogy of being on the basketball court. If I’m living in my purpose, I know my position very well, what I’m good at, and what my role on the team is. I used to play two-guard in high school. As a result of knowing my skillset and position responsibilities, I knew how I fit in the plays, where to pass, when to shoot and who to defend. I felt like a significant part of the team. We all have this intrinsic desire to feel significant. And whenever we’re working in that role and responsibility that we’re supposed to be doing, that significance is being fulfilled.


And so, I want you to identify those three things. What are the gifts? What are the passions? What are the past experiences that have fueled things in you that you wanna share with other people. Really, these past experiences should be, what is some things you’ve learned that you could reliably teach someone else about? There are some things that I’ve learned in life that I can definitely teach others about, and that’s why I write this blog. This may not be your calling. It might not be your passion to speak, and motivate. But this fits me because, I had a past experience in my life where my brother used to always motivate me, and he was like, “You gotta be the first person on the court and the last person to leave,” and he told me I could do more than what I could ever do and I had other doctors that fed into me as well. As a result, I pay the inspiration forward!


If you’re one of those special people that your career is fulfilling your purpose, that is a phenomenal blessing. But for a lot of people in our lives, our career parallel with fulfilling our purpose. If you fit into the second category, you should always be doing something outside of your career or job that’s fulfilling that calling, that role that you’re supposed to be doing on this earth, in order for the whole puzzle of life to work out.


Thank God so many people have actually answered the calling of their purpose, because we get a chance to be blessed by it. Think about it. I was thinking about my pastor at church. I was like, “Thank God, he answered his calling.” He answered that little voice in the back of his mind. And because of that, we now get to experience the spiritual value he provides weekly at church. Thank God for the donut shop owner, because they answered the calling of being a baker…so, now I can go in and get a cup of coffee and a delicious donut. Because they answered the call, I get to be blessed by that.


Here’s the question that you have to answer…With you not answering your call, with you not answering that call of, “I know there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing,” by you ignoring it, who is missing out on the blessing that you are supposed to be delivering to them? It’s a big question! Who is missing on the blessing that you are supposed to be delivering to them, because you have a role and responsibility. And when we don’t, it doesn’t just affect us but it affects people around us. And don’t think for one second by you ignoring that voice constantly that it’s just you that’s being affected, because you are supposed to fulfill a role that’s supposed to serve others and provide value to them to help improve their lives. Without answering the call, others don’t get blessed by you.


Once you answer the call, here are some of the benefits. Not only do you start fulfilling that thing you always wanted to do, but work becomes better because you know you have something else exciting that you’re working toward. Your identity isn’t just rooted in work. You know that you are fulfilling your role. And you also have a way to say “no” to things. We all getting presented with opportunities and things that sound good. But when you know you’re gifts, your talents, your passion, your past experiences, you know the things that are gonna fit within that wheelhouse, so you can reliably say no to things that don’t.


So, I hope this was valuable to you guys. I get really excited about this topic because this is something that absolutely changed my life when I realized what I was supposed to be doing in life. And the difference between some of us is, some of us are gonna take action, and some of us won’t. And for those of us that don’t, we end up being the missing piece of the puzzle. Those are the ones that when you look at puzzle and those pieces are missing, somebody didn’t fulfill that purpose, somebody didn’t answer the call. And as a result, the picture just doesn’t look as good as it’s supposed to be. So don’t be that person. Let’s take action!


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