Achieve more, Become More, Live More…with Less Mistakes.

Let’s talk about how to achieve more, and become more. How do you live more? How do you live the life that you always wanted to live? How do you do this while making fewer mistakes?

The problem is we all want to live this phenomenal lifestyle, and many of us want to serve many people. We’ve got big hopes, and we’ve got big dreams, but the reality is, we just aren’t doing it, and we find ourselves stuck.


Have ever you felt stuck? Like, you’ve gotten to a certain point in your life, your career, your spirituality, fitness, business, or in your finances, and you cannot seem to move past it…stuck! Some of us we stay stuck for weeks, many of us for more than weeks, months and years, and it’s like “how do I get unstuck”?


So today, the framework with which we’re going to talk about is, think about a journey. Literally, think about going on a journey, and the end of the journey is whatever it is that you want to achieve.

let’s go through how we have more, how we achieve more, gain more, live more while making fewer mistakes.


  1. Begin with the end in mind


You MUST know what you want, and define it clearly. And you can’t just say it, you must write it down.


  1. Believe


You MUST believe, and you’ve got to believe in three things.


First thing you got to believe is that you can do it. You got to believe in yourself and that you’re capable.


The second thing that you got to believe is that it is possible. You have to believe in possibility. If you do not believe in possibility, by definition, you believe it is impossible. So you got to believe at least that what you’re going after is possible.


And the third thing you MUST believe is that it’s worth it. It must be big enough and worth doing.


  1. Get Help


Get people in your life that are going to be able to help you get to where you’ve got to go. Again, we are going on a journey, so you need to find a guide, somebody who’s been where you’re trying to go. We talk about how do you have more, be more, do more with less mistake? This is the less mistake part because, this guide, this coach, this mentor is going to be able to help you get there. Before you decide on who helps you, make sure that they’ve been there as well.


  1. Create a Roadmap


You and that other person, need to create a road map to getting to where you want to go. Basically, these are long term, medium term, short term goals. Map it out based on where you’re trying to go and work backward.


Now, here’s the thing about creating the map; it does not need to be perfect. Whenever you put things in the GPS, has it always been perfect? But here’s what’s crazy is that it will course correct you. But, create a map so that you have something to start moving toward.




Take action now, immediately! Here’s what you’ve got to understand when you take action…yes there will be mistakes, yes there will be roadblocks, yes there will be construction. Stuff that you did not expect at all whenever you got started on this journey, and that is okay. It’s part of it; it’s called life.


  1. Course Correct


As you’re going, there’s going to be detours, and there’s going to be roadblocks, there’s going to be rain, there’s going to be construction, there’s going to be elements that are going to try and prevent you from getting there. That doesn’t mean “stop”, it means take a detour and you can course correct. That means that the map may not be exactly to a tee perfect for you to get to your end goal. What it means is that you simply need to correct your course a little bit along the way, but you know what the end looks like.


I hope this helps you guys. Apply these principles in your life and it will lead you closer to improving your performance to the level you desire. Have a great week Be ELITE!


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