7 Ways to Accelerate Your Value

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi, I’m Dr. Brad, double-boarded sports medicine doctor and peak performance coach, helping driven professionals achieve higher levels of both success AND fulfillment, so they can experience the best version of themselves.


Today we are going to talk about a very important word. It’s something we use a lot, but I think if we truly understood and took full advantage of this one word, it can bring you more wealth, it can bring you more success, it can help you hit your goals, it can bring you more fulfillment. And that one word is….Value. VALUE! How much value are you bringing to the table? How valuable do you see yourself? 


Value is the key, because you see, the more valuable you are, the more someone will buy from you. The more valuable you are, the more people will want to hang out with you. The more valuable you are, the more people will choose you. The more valuable you are, the more you can separate yourself from the competition. The more valuable you are, the more you can serve other people, walk in your purpose,and be fulfilled.


Value. How do you become more valuable? How do you see yourself as more valuable? See, here’s what’s crazy, people are doing a value evaluation and assessment of you all the time. We’re always doing it. Whenever we meet someone, we’re trying to asses, “is this person valuable enough for me to keep in my network, for me to stay in touch with,” or “is what they’re offering valuable enough for me to buy?”


So people are always doing this value evaluation, all the time. “Am I going to buy this, or am I going to buy that?” Because you will buy something that you find to be valuable to spend your money on. People will say all that time, “Oh, man, I can’t afford that,” but that same person will go buy something else that they don’t need because they find it more valuable. When purchasing things, It’s never about an “afford” issue (whether or not you can afford or not afford it), it’s what do you find valuable enough to put your money toward.


So the question becomes, if there’s a constant value evaluation, well, then how do you become more valuable? How do you believe that your value is worth it, because YOU are personally responsible for your value and increasing that value. Only you can decide if you’re going to become more valuable. You are personally responsible for the value that you bring to the table as a friend, as a family member, as a business person, as an employee. In multiple areas of your life, you’re responsible for that value.


So the question is, how do you become more valuable in the world, in the workplace, in relationships? I’m going to share with you seven (7) things that you can do to become more valuable. First thing that you can do is (1) educate yourself. And I don’t mean just formal education. I’m not telling you, go, and go get another four year degree. What I’m talking about is any type of education. That’s reading, that’s coaching, that is receiving mentorship, but it is not just, “Oh, I’m going to go get a degree.” Yes, that’s great education, but I’m talking about education, just in general, acquiring information…information acquisition if you will. Learn things, and be open and willing to learn new things. First thing is education.


Second one is (2) communication. Learn how to communicate. Learn how to clearly convey a point and a message. This takes time. A great book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you listen to that title, first of all, the message of that title is fantastic because it’s trying to help you win friends and influence people. If you’re trying to do those two things, read that book! It’s by Dale Carnegie. Fantastic book, but it talks about how to be a better communicator, and by the way, communicating starts with listening. I’m not talking about “waiting to talk”. There’s a difference between waiting to talk and listening. Communicating starts with really listening to what the other person is saying and being able to respond clearly. So become a great listener as you communicate.


Third thing is (3) personal growth. Grow. You must your grow yourself. What I mean by personal growth is becoming aware, being personally aware and having responsibility for your life. To grow as a person, to grow in humility, to grow in understanding that it’s not always about us. Personal growth and development, and also, belief in yourself. Think and Grow Rich, a fantastic book. This is just one example of a book that instructs and inspires you to understand that our potential to do great things comes from within and belief is the key.


Number four, (4) networking. We call it networking. I call it relationship building. You’ve got to be able to effectively build relationships, and here’s the key. Here’s the key to this…it’s building relationships not selfishly, but you’ve got to network and build relationships with people with this question in mind, “How can I help you? How can I, with what I bring to the table, help you?” See, it’s interesting, that’s how I know I’ve met someone who’s really been working on themselves, is when we talk and they say, “Well, man, how can I help you do what you’re doing? How can I help you get to the next level?” Relationship building, networking.


Number five is (5) an overall standard of excellence. You’ve got to have an overall standard of excellence. What I mean by that is don’t settle for putting something out there that’s not your best, or bad quality. Don’t settle for you putting yourself out there less than excellent. So this really means practicing traits such as honesty, integrity, and hard work. So make sure you have a high standard of excellence in everything that you do or you’re involved in.


Number six is you’ve got to (6) serve. You’ve got to have a heart for service. You’ve got to have a heart for people. You have to care for people if you’re looking to be more valuable out there. People are trying to figure out, do you really care? When they meet you, they’re trying to figure out, do you care? And if you have a heart for service, then they’ll know that you care. Here’s a good way to serve, and how you can become so much more valuable; Give more than you receive! And even next level to that, give more than is expected! See, when you deliver more than what’s expected, people will come back.


See, I don’t know about you, but I like to eat. I can’t stand when I go out to eat, order my food, and it comes out looking like a 4 oz steak when I ordered an 8oz steak along with small portions… I don’t care how good the food is, they did not deliver what was expected. They under-delivered. Great value is provided when you Over deliver. When I go somewhere and they give me a bunch of food, more food than expected…man, I’m happy! I’m like, “I’m coming back here.” We were just at the state fair this past weekend. My wife asked, “Hey, did you get those chicken nachos?” I said, “Yes.” She was like, “How wasit?” I replied, “They were pretty good, but they gave me a bunch!” I was happy with the value they delivered. Remember: Over deliver and people will continue to come back.


And last but not least, number seven is (7) skillset mastery. Master your skillset. And listen, this might evolve and change over time. I had to become a doctor, and now I want to instruct and inspire, I’ve got to master how to be able to speak, to create video content, and social media. I’ve got to master a new skillset. Master your skillset in whatever you’re currently doing or aiming for. That often time takes time, and that’s okay. But again, skillset mastery will increase value.


Overall, all those seven things that I’m talking about, here’s the main takeaway lesson today…WORK HARD ON YOU! You’ve got to work on you in order to become more valuable, and not just one part of you. You’ve got to work on all of you in order to be the most valuable in your relationships, in your workplace, in your business, in your life. You have to work on you. If you aren’t where you want to be right now, guess who you’ve got to work on? Guess what you have to work on? YOU! But the power behind that is, now you know, and you can begin to work on you, and over time you’ll watch things happen, and the more valuable you become, the more health, the more success, and the more fulfillment that you will experience. I can assure you of that, but you just can’t just throw around that word, value. It means something and you’ve got to bring it to the table.


Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of value, I hope this was valuable to you, and that you can take this and apply this to your day, to your week, to your life. I’m signing off…Dr. Brad, your double-boarded sports medicine doctor and Peak Performance coach, helping professionals maximize their performance, so they can experience professional success, and personal fulfillment simultaneously.


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