April 15, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck…despite your success??

Have you ever felt like something was missing…despite the fact that you’ve experienced success in your career or business?




Ever feel like there is more to life that what your success has to offer?


I get it…


As a successful sports medicine physician and home-based business owner…I thought that would be enough to have me fulfilled. I thought, once succeed in my career and make a certain amount of money that I would have ‘made it’ and that it would bring with it a certain sustaining joy and satisfaction. But…I was wrong. As a result, I basically resorted to other things to try and be fulfilled (i.e. working harder, earned more money, went on vacations, spent more money…and more) and it never brought lasting fulfillment. As a matter of fact, it only drew me further from the things that mattered. I was further from God as I’d ever been, and was failing as a husband, father, and was not living up to my best potential.


However, things eventually changed. And as a result of doing this ONE THING…everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in my life changed. My confidence, marriage, fatherhood, health, career, and clarity on my purpose…ALL drastically improved as a result of this ONE THING!


The ONE THING I’d missed and overlooked was…


A personal relationship with God.


And here’s the crazy thing…I didn’t know what that really meant despite going to church my whole life!


I was spiritually underdeveloped…I was like a baby that grew physically, but was developmentally delayed. Except in this instance I was spiritually developmentally delayed and had NO IDEA how much it was affecting my life.


There are 3 things I had to do and that I believe you can do as well, to build a relationship with God and begin to spiritually develop and experience lasting fulfillment:


  1. Come to the understanding that this relationship is what’s been the missing piece to getting unstuck


He’s been calling you the whole time, but we tend to resist…and focus on the shame of our poor decisions. You’ve felt it…and you know you’ve been away too long. It’s time to come back. He’s calling for you…and patiently waiting for you.

  1. Understand there’s a difference between religion and relationship.

Religion is the systematic routine and tradition of church. This IS NOT relationship and will never and should never take the place of a personal relationship with God.

Relationship on the other hand requires mind and heart. It requires more than just showing up once per week. It requires more than just presence, it requires attention! And just like any good relationship, it requires consistent intentional time invested toward it.

Your life is designed to be at its best when you are in close relationship with God. It’s like a relationship between an illness and its cure. An illness ceases to be an issue once it’s linked to its cure. The further from the cure, the more illness takes over.

  1. This often times requires the help of someone whose been down this path

Being able to reach to someone who knows what it’s like to have a great personal relationship with God will help you develop this relationship faster. They can give you insight…i.e. relationship advice with God…on how to build this healthy relationship you need.


So I invite you to have every aspect of your life improve by having a relationship that has possibly been resisted up to this point.


Make the decision…It’s time to develop the most important relationship you will EVER HAVE, so you can have a strong faith that will spawn future success and sustaining fulfillment in your life.


If I can help foster that relationship…let me know.

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