April 15, 2021

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Have you ever felt stuck and unfulfilled despite your success and achievement?

Have you ever felt like…”This can’t be it!”…when thinking about your life?


Listen man…I get it…


That was me for years! Outwardly successful doctor and business owner, but secretly stuck and unfulfilled. Was far from the man I’d always envisioned myself to be. Wasn’t the husband, father, doctor, business owner, or man of faith I knew I could be and was consistently making poor decisions that was keeping me breaking the cycle of unfulfillment and subpar performance in life.




In hindsight, I had 3 big problems that didn’t allow me to grow and develop into the person I’d always envisioned…and is often the same problem many high-achieving men have:


Problem #1: I didn’t know God.

Here’s the interesting part…I’d gone to church my whole life…but still didn’t REALLY know or have a relationship with God. I had a false sense of who he was and was unaware of


Problem #2: I didn’t know me.

My identity was defined by what I did (i.e. doctor, business owner, etc.) and my validation and worth was tied to whether I was winning or failing in those areas. Therefore, if I was a ‘success’ is things was going well and temporarily felt good about me…but if I was failing as a doctor or business owner, then my value and worth was defined as a failure.


Problem #3: I didn’t know how to get on the right path to fulfillment & success

I was clueless how to go about getting to the place where I was excelling in all areas of life instead of just my career and business.




Thanks to God and the ‘BIG 3 C’s of Change: Curriculum, Coaching, & Community…I was able to learn a blueprint to go from secretly stuck and unhappy to greater success & fulfillment than I ever thought possible. As a result of implementing this blueprint I’ve experienced change in every area of life:

  • Closer relationship with God (peace and unstoppable confidence in life)
  • Great marriage (became a better husband)
  • Awesome relationship with children (better father)
  • Best shape of my life at 40yrs old
  • More success and fulfillment in my career
  • Became best-selling author and started coaching company (clarity of & pursuit of my purpose)


And the same can happen for you by following this blueprint…


ELITE PerforMENce Blueprint:


Step 1: Spiritual Growth Plan

Understanding how vitally important a personal relationship with God is toward your life fulfillment and capacity to succeed in anything.


Step 2: Personal Growth System

Understanding your identity and learn how to master your mindset to have a strong faith, and unstoppable confidence in the pursuit of your goals in work and life.


Step 3: Performance and Practical Habit Strategy

Learn and apply the habits needed to ensure consistent spiritual growth and personal development into your life so you can experience the abundant and fruitful life you were designed to live.


Therefore, remember this formula:




So here is what you can expect from me…great INFORMATION.


If you want transformation in your life, here’s what I expect from you…APPLICATION of the information given.


And I can assure you…over time…NOT OVERNIGHT…you and your life will change toward more success and fulfillment!


My goal for you is to have you grow and develop into an ELITE MAN: A man who wins at a HIGH LEVEL in EVERY AREA OF LIFE (i.e. Faith, Family, Health, Wealth, Career, Calling, Recreation)!! And…



So here’s what I want you to do…subscribe to the ELITE PerforMENce Podcast and leave a review:


This way you can start getting one of the Big C’s of change (structured information…aka Curriculum) needed to get on the right path to becoming ELITE!

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