April 21, 2021

‘The Mask’: The SILENT KILLER of Professional Men

Have you ever had an internal struggle (or maybe even have one now)…that NO ONE knows about…and it’s preventing you from reaching your full potential?? But you tell everyone that everything is ok…yet you continue to silently struggle?

This is what I refer to as…THE MASK!

Definition of ‘The Mask’: a well-decorated display of a hidden internal struggle

The Masks we wear are SILENT KILLERS!!

As a physician I’m familiar with certain diagnosis that are silent killers. For example, Hypertension (aka High Blood Pressure) is silent killer. You can’t see it, feel it, hear it or witness it. But it effects every organ and system in the body…and can ultimately result in death if left untreated. The masks we wear work the same way. They are silent…no one knows about the struggles we hide…but ultimately it’s killing our faith, relationships, and destroying our ability to live out or greatest potential.

Here are some examples of the masks we wear:

  • Faith: Attend church with a smile…yet distant in your relationship with God
  • Marriage: Happy couple pictures on Facebook…yet living a lustful lifestyle
  • Fatherhood: Attend kids sports events…yet an angry or otherwise absent father
  • Health: Saying you gonna get in shape…but struggling to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits
  • Wealth: Nice house, car, and vacations…yet struggling to make ends meet monthly
  • Career: Great job or business…but unfulfilled & failing to grow and advance

Listen!! I get it!! This was my story! I wore the mask of a successful doctor and business owner…happily married man with awesome children! But behind that mask was a man that was barely holding it together. I was winning in ONE area…my career. Beyond that, I was struggling in my faith, as a husband, as a father, and living far under my potential in my health. Add on top of that…I lacked clarity on what my purpose was in life.

The problem with the mask is that it causes…PROLONGED PAIN!!

It prolongs pain in 2 ways:

  • Pride: A false sense that you can ‘fix you’ all on your own, with no help
  • Persuasion: A false sense that “I’m not that bad off”

The mask does not protect you! The mask prevents you from growing and developing…by keeping you quiet and silent!

The mask is made to keep you quiet for several reasons:

  1. Influences you to feel like you are the only one to go through your type of struggle, and that nobody else is dealing with what you are dealing with
    • False! Plenty of men have a very similar struggle!
  2. Pressure to keep up with the Joneses and live the model life…The ‘Everything is Great and ain’t nothing wrong’ Life
    • The truth is…everyone is going through something!
  3. Worried about what other people think. Fueled by #2 above


Confidential communication is being able to discuss your issues with someone you can trust and without judgement and condemnation.

This allows you to take off the mask and stop being suffocated by it!! This is THE BEST step to take to safely remove the mask, overcome your struggle, and ultimately fulfilling your greatest potential!

Here are the steps to Confidential Communication:

  1. Surrender to the idea that you can ‘Fix You’ all on your own. Reach out for help.
  2. Share:
    1. Share with God your struggles and ask him for clarity and guidance
    2. Share with someone you trust to be vulnerable with and will not judge you!! Preferable someone who can provide some guidance as well.
  3. Do #1 and #2 regularly!!
    1. This is not a one-time process…this is part of a healthy high-performing lifestyle.

If you follow these steps, here is what you can expect: FREEDOM! And the path to fulfillment & growth to the person you were designed to be

Surrender and Share today!!! If I can help…hit me up. But regardless, share with someone!!

Book a 1:1 discovery call with me at https://drbradmd.com

Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad

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