April 15, 2021

Do You Have A Spiritual Growth Plan?

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin




And this is true for our spiritual lives as well!! If you have ever felt like you are far away from where you want to be spiritually or like you are disconnected from your faith…then you have to ask yourself this question…


“What is my spiritual growth plan?”


PROBLEM: We lack a spiritual growth plan


We have a plan for so many things in our lives, including…

  • Retirement plan
  • Vacation plans
  • College fund plans
  • Dinner plans


You get the point. But unfortunately, THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our lives we neglect to have a plan for…our spiritual growth and development. Without a spiritual growth plan we are planning to remain spiritually immature…which is unacceptable!


Remaining stuck is unacceptable!

Struggling with the same problems for years in unacceptable!

Not advancing in our relationship with God is unacceptable!


SOLUTION: 4 Components of a solid spiritual growth plan


Therefore, I want to share 4 components of a solid spiritual growth plan to help get you on the right path to developing a strong faith, making better decisions in life, and therefore winning at a high level in every area of life:


  1. Curriculum
    • Simply put, this is ‘structured information’. You must CONSISTENTLY learn more about God. This can be in the form of bible study, or a class, or even a podcast!! (including ELITE PerforMENce podcast)
  2. Coaching
    • You must learn from someone who has been down the path you plan to journey into. Preferably someone who has a plan and is CONSISTENTLY growing in his relationship with God.
  3. Community
    • You need a group of men that meet with some level of CONSISTENCY and regularity. This helps with support, encouragement and accountability.
  4. Confidential Communication
    • You need someone (or several people) AND a safe place and person who you feel comfortable with to share your dirt with…without a sense of judgment.


I can assure you…if you apply the principles discussed within today’s message…you WILL spiritually grow and drastically transform into living your best!


And I’M here to help!

Check out this episode!

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