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...Even if you don't have a lot of time or business experience

My collegiate and professional athlete clientele TRIPLED!

He listened, understood, and rendered his expertise that helped me gain crystal clear clarity on my purpose AND on the core messaging for my business, which led to attract the right clients, expand my client-base and helped build my business within one year of its inception.
Dr Dawn K. Brown, MD

Best selling author

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PHYSICIANS: Are you looking to pursue something greater outside of your clinical practice, but don't know where to start?

imagine breaking free

From the clinical medicine rat race and build a business that brings fulfillment, impact and income!

As a physician, you’ve achieved a high level of success, but deep down you know that there’s something missing. You have a burning desire to make a greater impact and turn your passion into profit

BUT...The unfortunate truth is that YOU, just like thousands of other physicians everyday are experiencing THE SAME THING:


My Name is

Dr. Brad Bellard

I help physicians create more income and impact beyond their current clinical practice so they can experience a fulfilling life.

Several years ago, despite my success as an Emergency & Sports Medicine physician, I felt stuck and disappointed because of my lack of fulfillment and impact practicing clinical medicine. I remember feeling like something was missing…like ‘there is something else out there for me’. I tried working at a different facility, changing hospital systems, taking more time off, and also a side home-based business, but no matter what I did there was always an underlying feeling of unfulfillment.

I just knew that there was something out there for me

But my challenge was…

These kept me stuck and never pursuing it.

It wasn’t until I realized that these weren’t the real issue. The real issue was LACK OF CLARITY ON MY PURPOSE.

Best selling author

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So here’s the bottom line..

Until you get clarity on your unique S.T.A.M.P., you’ll never begin to pursue your purpose to experience the fulfillment you’ve always desired.

Once I understood this, I came to realize that my dissatisfaction had little to do with my profession as a physician, and FAR MORE to do with a lack of clarity on my purpose. I define your purpose as your ‘S.T.A.M.P. on the world’…which stands for your ‘Solution To A Meaningful Problem’. We all have one! And even though your career helps to solve significant health-related problems…it serves the role of your profession, but not your individually-designed purpose.

It’s not until you get clarity on your unique S.T.A.M.P., will you begin to experience the fulfillment you’ve always desired as a physician.

After discovering my unique STAMP (helping physicians create more impact and income through discovering and delivering their purpose) on this world, I began to experience more impact in the lives of others, more income, and more influence. I became a best-selling author, national speaker, coach, and even practicing clinical medicine became more & more impactful and rewarding! Absolutely PRICELESS!! (And yes, this is possible, despite a busy work and life schedule!)

This Has Worked For MANY Physicians Just Like YOU!

I learned how to develop habits and achieve long lasting results. I have more mental clarity, focus, return of confidence and drive, which has translated into more leads and progress in my business. Dr. Brad’s coaching is a valued tool to help take you and your business to an elite level!
Dr. H.
Board Certified Physiatrist & Physician Business Coach
YES! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad’s coaching to another professional who is looking to increase their performance and fulfillment. Simply because he helps clarify your life ambition, purpose, and helps you create structure around them. His productivity strategies have helped my marriage and family significantly.
Charles B.
CFO of a healthcare company
I have that fire and passion back! Dr. Brad helped re-ignite a fire that was dimmed from my purpose! You can expect results! He’s going to motivate you and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Dr. Brad helped me increase my business revenue by 200% in 12 months!
Patrick J.
Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert

This is why I created the…

S.T.A.M.P. Method

Coaching Program

Ignite Your Passion. Improve Your Productivity. Turn Your Passion Into Profit.

How It Works
Step 1

People You Serve

Will allow you to attract your ideal client/customer to you

Step 2

Prize You Secure

Have people excited to do business with you.

Step 3

Product You Sell

Allows you to have greater impact

Your Plan to Get Started Toward Fulfillment & Impact


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