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Have you achieved at a high level in your current career, only to realize that you feel stuck and lack the fulfillment you thought you’d have in your work and life?

Despite your current title and level of success, are you second guessing if you made the right career choice in the past?

Have you ever had the thought, “There’s DEFINITELY something else out there for me”…something of greater SIGNIFICANCE, MEANING, and IMPACT…but have yet to discover it?


Let me guess…

You’ve worked hard and performed well, but still feel stuck and unfulfilled with the work you do. You unfortunately hide behind your current success, titles, and comfort and behind that mask lives frustration and an empty feeling wondering…

“Is this it?? Is this all my career has to offer?”

There’s a feeling of disappointment because you are trying to figure out how you became unfulfilled after spending so much time, money and energy to get to where you are, only to feel like you may have made the wrong career choice. You feel like…

“There MUST be something out there for me…something of greater SIGNIFICANCE, IMPACT and MEANING!”

But there’s GOOD NEWS…

In reality many of us, successful and high-performing men, have a great career, but it isn’t in line with our calling.

Your career DOES NOT equal your calling!

Your career and your calling are often two COMPLETELY different ideas and processes!

Your career may be how you get paid, but your calling is WHY YOU WERE MADE!!

You were not made to ‘go through the motions of life’. You were made to use your God-given gifts and talents to serve others in a BIG way and have significant IMPACT on the lives of others!!! There IS a way to experience TRUE LIFE FULFILLMENT and impact the lives of others with your God-given gifts and abilities. There is A BLUEPRINT to successfully pivoting from your career to your calling and pursuing God’s purpose for your life. And by following this blueprint, you will experience a closer relationship with God, a meaningful life, be perform at a higher level. There’s a way to put your faith first and win at a high level in business and life! As a faith-based performance coach, my passion is to serve as your guide to pursue your purpose, answer your calling, and live a fulfilled and impactful life!


Dr. Brad is easy to talk to and get feedback from. He is full of wisdom. He shared his goals and his journey in walking in his purpose so we can do the same with our own purpose. As a result, I was able to gain clarity on my purpose and stop saying yes to things that are out of the scope of my purpose and passions.
Dr. Larry
Board Certified Ophthalmologist
YES! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad for another professional looking to increase their performance and fulfillment. Simply because it helps clarify your life ambition and purpose and helps you create structure around them.
Charles B.
CFO of a healthcare company
I have that fire and that passion back…Dr. Brad helped re-ignite a fire that was dimmed from my purpose! You can expect results! He’s going to motivate you and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone!
Patrick J.
Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert


The Pivot Plan for High-Achieving Men: How to Discover Your Purpose and Create the Foundation Of A Fulfilling Life and Business You Have a Passion For

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Are you tired of the ‘going through the motions’ in work and life? Have you ever felt like there is a more to life than what you are living? Are you tired of not living the best version of you? Have you ever desired to get clarity on your purpose & pursue it, but have yet to take action on it?

The Amazon Best-Selling book ELITE: A Modern Success Guide to Purpose & Peak Performance offers a solution to help the high-achieving motivated man go from STUCK to SUCCESSFUL in BOTH life and business. For the high-achiever looking to take their personal and professional life to the next level…this is a MUST READ!

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This weekly show is designed to educate and equip motivated men to pivot from the comfort of their current career to the fulfillment of their calling & greatest impact on the world by discovering and pursuing their God-given purpose. Content is faith-based & provides the experiences and expert info from men that embody the 3 key principles that help men succeed at an elite level in both life & business:

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