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Are you still battling to meet the goals you set for yourself in the past?

Watch the Video Below to…

Learn to build the Consistency in your Habits so you can reach your Career & Business Goals for 2022

without sacrificing your fitness, family & faith.

Jan 17th – 22nd


1 hour/day

Have you reached the point where you are sick and tired of living a mediocre life? You have success but you feel limited?

Do you have an underlying fear of not reaching your full potential?

Let’s face it, you are not happy or comfortable with your current way of life.

You’ve been stuck in a routine for so long that you think it’s normal. But the truth is, your life doesn’t have to be this way!

Too often, we set goals but never follow through with them. We want to get in shape, but we can never find the time to go to the gym. We want to save money, but we can never seem to resist spending it on the latest gadgets. We work hard, but we never get anywhere near where we want to be.

The reason is simple: We lack consistency in our habits to create transformation.

We jump from one goal to another without ever finishing what we started. We fail because of our inconsistency .

And that’s where the Winning Habits For Motivated Men Challenge comes in.

This challenge is designed to help you develop the consistency in effective habits you need to achieve your goals without sacrificing your health, relationships, or your faith.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, then

this challenge was created just for YOU!

Stop feeling like your potential is being wasted

Learn the habits that will allow you to earn more money and achieve your goals.


Day #1 Clarity: Get Clear On Your Goals for 2022

(Value: $700)

Goal setting is the first step on the road to success. But too often, we don’t take the time to set clear, concise goals. We vague goals like “I want to be successful” or “I want to be happy.”

But without a specific goal, it’s impossible to measure your progress. You need a target!

Day #2 Calendar Structure: Get The Time You Need To Win In Work & Life

(Value: $1,500)

One of the biggest problems in achieving goals is finding the time to do it.

If you want to achieve your goals, then you need to make sure that you have goal-achieving habits baked into your daily schedule and routine.

That’s why this challenge teaches you how to get more time to do the things that will help you accomplish your goals.

Day #3 Contentment: Fuel Your Success & Fulfillment In Both Work & Life

(Value: $850)

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race. Fulfillment, however, is not a by-product of success. Fulfillment is the precursor to success!

The Winning Habits Challenge can help you find contentment in both your work and personal life so that you can operate on an entirely different level.

Day #4 Capacity: Expand Your Ability To Do More, Be More, & Have More

(Value: $1200)


What most men don’t know, is that the methods you use can only have the same level of success as your mindset.

The Winning Habits Challenge will help you develop the right mindset to DO MORE..BE MORE… and HAVE MORE.

Day #5 Connection: Create Extraordinary Consistency in Work & Life

(Value: $850)

The degree of consistency and success in all areas of your life is directly related to the degree of consistency and success in your faith and relationship with God. 

This challenge aims to help you establish a genuine and practical connection with God that is consistent without the religious nonsense.

Listen to what others are saying

I became the #1 sales person in the DFW area! 🙏🏿

My podcast has grown to
6 figures! 💰💰💰

My fire was re-ignited 🔥 and I saw a 200% increase in my business!

👨‍🎓 I knew something was missing. Now, I'm operating at an entirely new level in my business and in my family!

I'm now closer to God more than I've ever been and my marriage and business have never been better! 🙌

I learned how to develop habits and achieve long lasting results. I have more mental clarity, focus, return of confidence and drive, which has translated into more leads and progress in my business. Dr. Brad’s coaching is a valued tool to help take you and your business to an elite level!
Dr. H
Board Certified Physiatrist & Physician Business Coach
YES! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad’s coaching to another professional who is looking to increase their performance and fulfillment. Simply because he helps clarify your life ambition, purpose, and helps you create structure around them. His productivity strategies have helped my marriage and family significantly.
Charles B.
CFO of a healthcare company
I have that fire and passion back! Dr. Brad helped re-ignite a fire that was dimmed from my purpose! You can expect results! He’s going to motivate you and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Dr. Brad helped me increase my business revenue by 200% in 12 months!
Patrick J.
Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert






Who Is Dr Brad And Why You Should
Listen To Him?

As a high-achieving sports medicine doctor and home-based business owner I found myself, years ago, outwardly successful in my career, yet secretly stuck in life. Despite the time, money, and effort to succeed, I found myself asking…”Is this it??”. I thought that winning in life came primarily from achieving more in my career & business…but my success unfortunately came at the cost of my family, my faith, and my fulfillment. I was performing poorly in the areas of life that mattered.

After silently struggling with being stuck & a lack of fulfillment, I finally discovered that my success and fulfillment in work and life had little to do with my level of achievement…but instead, had everything to do with the level of commitment to my personal growth and development. Once I prioritized personal development…defined by the strength of one’s (1) faith, (2) mindset, and (3) consistency of daily habits, I began experiencing unparalleled life fulfillment and peak performance in both work and life.

Listen man, your ability to be the best man you can be, live life at a high level of fulfillment, and fulfill your greatest potential is dependent upon YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT…and I’m here to help equip you to do just that.

Without the right habits, we will always be wondering what if? If you truly aspire to achieve your 2022 goals in terms of your business and personal life, then you need to take action now to learn how to create winning habits for your fitness, family, faith and focus on a new way of thinking that can change your life forever.

Normally, I charge thousands of dollars for this type of training. But I want as many people to experience the same transformation that I've had in my life from implementing the habits that I'm going to show you in the training. Now is the time to escape the rat race of an unfulfilled life.

There IS a way to combine success and fulfillment in every aspect of your life

Learn the secrets of the truly motivated and disciplined men who have achieved their goals by mastering the right habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Men who are high-achieving and motivated to take their career or business to the next level without sacrificing their fitness, family life, or faith.

How does the VIP option work?

In addition to the general admission you’ll receive an additional 1 hour/day with me to answer questions and get more clarity on mindset and methods to take business, career, and life to the next level. You’ll also be offered resources that will help you succeed in both work and life that general admission will not have access to. Plus, you’ll have longer access to the training videos to take notes, retain, and practice the information shared.

How do I get access after signing up?

You’ll receive emails with zoom links and facebook links to plug into the challenge. However, you can email drbrad@drbradmd.com if you are not receiving the communication you need to plug in.

Can I become an affiliate?

Yes! Becoming an affiliate is a great way to earn some extra income by helping other motivated men like yourself. Upon signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive the opportunity to sign up.

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