Dr. Brad is an impactful, authentic, and engaging speaker. He specializes on a variety of topics including (but not limited to) peak performance, purpose, and resilience. He delivers a dynamic message that is not only inspiring, but can also be applied by the lives of the audience. His genuine approach and ability to convey a message with clarity makes his experience on stage feel very personal with the listener. He has a passion for improving the lives of others and you can feel that through his energy and stage presence.

Career to Calling Coaching - Coming Soon!

PURPOSE DISCOVERY is a 8 week coaching program designed for those professionals who feel like they aren’t walking in their purpose. They are feeling called to do something more significant than they’ve already achieved, but just aren’t sure what it is. PURPOSE DISCOVERY provides a system to gain clarity on your purpose and the mindset needed to successfully pursue it.




  • Clarity on your purpose
  • Identification of your gifts, talents, and passions
  • Development of your Fundamental Purpose Statement
  • Mindset Strength to successfully walk in your purpose
Learn the 7-step formula for turning your goals into results