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We men aspire to be highly productive…even now at home during this crisis! Not only do we want to get the work done, but we also want enough structure in our day to dedicate time toward activities of importance within our faith, family, and our physical fitness. We want the focus & self-discipline enough to overcome distractions (social media, television, and even our kids at times!) We want to perform at a high level and hit our goals in pursuit of our dreams!

But unfortunately, there are 2 challenges that prevent us from being the highly-productive men we strive to be:




Lack of Structure

These two challenges consistently cause us to become overwhelmed, and stressed, because our work gets backed up, deadlines get missed, and the quality of work goes down. We can’t seem to get in the flow and the only thing that seems consistent are the distractions themselves. Due to the quarantine, the kids are now and home and seem more needy than ever, and it’s harder than ever to focus on our work. Work-life balance is a struggle and we can’t seem to figure out when to turn the work off and the family on. Even though you are busy, it seems like nothing gets done. We are trying to figure how to get it all done without neglecting our family.

But...There's a way YOU CAN WIN!

Hi! I'm

"Dr Brad" Bellard

I’m a faith-based performance coach for men. I help high-achieving men discover and successfully pursue their purpose, so they can win in both life and business. Part of my passion is helping busy professional men in pursuit of their dream, get more work done in less time, so they can achieve their goals faster, without neglecting their personal life.

I know all too well how you feel!

Several years ago I struggled trying to juggle my sports-medicine private practice, home-based business, church, wife, and kids…and found myself EXTREMELY UNPRODUCTIVE!! I was stressed and overwhelmed and despite working all day and night, it seemed like I never got anything done! I neglected time with my family and it affected my marriage, relationship with my kids, and my time with God.

Well, fast forward, through the grace of God I was able to learn some proven strategies to be productive and get more done in less time and still have quality time for my personal life. ​

As a result, I was able to use these strategies when the quarantine started to quickly adjust and overcome the new distractions of working from home, and still spend time toward my faith, my family, and still maintain my physical health. Not only has this worked for me, but it’s also worked for MANY other men who I’ve helped with the SAME CHALLENGES!

That's why I've created...

The Productivity Plan For High-Achieving Men!

This plan will help you get more work done in less time without neglecting your family… even during the quarantine!

In this video & pdf guide you’ll learn:

By downloading the free gift, you’ll take the first step toward overcoming stress, getting your personal time back, being highly productive and achieving your goals FASTER…even during the quarantine! By applying this plan you’ll OVERCOME DISTRACTIONS and HAVE DAILY STRUCTURE to your work day!

If you decide not to take this step, the unfortunate stress and feeling of being overwhelmed and being busy with not much productivity to show for it.

I simply want to help you WIN, in spite of our current quarantine…and YOU CAN!!

I look forward to pouring into you soon on The Productivity Plan for High-Achieving Men!

See you soon,
Brad “Dr. Brad” Bellard

This is a $197 value FOR FREE!!!

To Help you WIN & achieve your goals, without neglecting your personal life!

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