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Hi! I'm dr. brad bellard

I help men who are unfulfilled in the current career, gain clarity on their calling, so they can turn their purpose into a profitable business. Several years ago, despite my title and achievements as a successful sports medicine physician, I found myself stuck and unfulfilled in my career and life. I knew there was a greater calling of significance and impact for me but I lacked clarity on what it was or how to pursue it. Unfortunately, as a result, I made poor decisions in business and life that weren’t aligned with my purpose, didn’t optimize my potential, and costed me a bunch of wasted time & money. I was frustrated that no matter how hard I worked, I continued falling short of where I wanted to be in business and life.

Thank God, I was eventually able to discover the real problem: I was putting the right effort toward the wrong opportunities. Once I gained clarity on my calling, I was able to get on the right path to pursue what I was designed to succeed at AND gain fulfillment in the process. I traded the wasted, time, money and energy…for clarity and the RIGHT PATH for success and fulfillment. This strategy has not only helped me gain clarity, but used the same strategy to help MANY other professional men (doctors, ex-NFL athletes, pastors, business owners and C-level executives) gain clarity on their purpose and on the RIGHT PATH to success and fulfillment!


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