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The show where high-achieving men discover their purpose, pursue their calling & impact the world

men of impact

The Show

This weekly livestream show provides the perfect combination of faith-based and entrepreneurship principles designed to equip high-achieving men with the clarity and strategies to go from stuck in their career to successfully pursuing their calling, living a fulfilled life, and impacting the world. Weekly interviews dive into the experience and expertise of successful men of faith who are pursuing their God-given purpose and having significant impact on the world around them.

We interview men that serve as great examples of MEN OF IMPACT;
defined as men of success and significance who:


Prioritize their faith


Pursue their purpose/calling


Positively impact the lives of others


To provide examples of MEN OF IMPACT for other men to follow, and ultimately pursue their own calling and live a life of fulfillment and impact


First – The Audience:

The show is all about helping the viewer/listener. Our listeners are motivated men who want to live a life of significance and impact, but lack the clarity, confidence, and strategies to take action toward pursuing their calling. I’ve been that person before. Therefore, I am selective with who I expose the listening audience to, because I truly understand their struggle and want them to get great quality information and encouragement from guests who also care about and can relate to the audience struggle.

Second – You, The guest:

I want to help you, the guest, by promoting who you are and your expertise! I want to see you WIN as well!

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