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Have you ever thought…

“How did I build a successful career or business, but I feel more unfulfilled than I ever anticipated?”

“Despite my career or business success…there’s something missing”

Trust me…I understand! I’ve been there before and once had the same thoughts.

My name is Brad Bellard and several years ago as a high-achieving doctor and business owner, I found myself outwardly successful, yet secretly unfulfilled. I wondered, “Is this it?”. I was stressed, far from God, and was showing up less than my best as a husband, father, leader, and man of faith.

I was in a rat race...

I remember thinking…”If I can just achieve more, do more, and change my ways, then things will eventually change. However, I eventually came to the conclusion that this wasn’t working and I continued to be unfulfilled.

Thankfully, I discovered that my lack of fulfillment and inconsistent performance in life had NOTHING to do with a lack of hard work or achievement, but EVERYTHING to do with the lack of a TRUE FOUNDATIONAL FAITH, and lack of a PERSONAL relationship with God. And let me be clear…I’m not talking about traditional religion or church attendance…I’m talking about a REAL & GROWING relationship with God.

Here's how you can win!

The fulfillment, clarity & peace of mind that you and many are seeking, but often fail to find from traditional church and religion, I discovered by learning how to develop a solid personal relationship with God. As a result, myself and many other professional men are experiencing an enriched quality of life and consistently showing up as a better version of ourselves in work & life. I want the same for you…and this is exactly what this free 3-part video coaching series will help you begin to experience! I want to see you win!

What's included in this coaching series

What you'll get:

This coaching series is for high-achieving men who…


If you consistently apply what is learned in this coaching series, you will experience transformation in the form of greater fulfillment and performance in your work & life…GUARANTEED!! I want to see you win!

Listen to what some of my clients are saying

I learned how to develop habits and achieve long lasting results. I have more mental clarity, focus, return of confidence and drive, which has translated into more leads and progress in my business. Dr. Brad’s coaching is a valued tool to help take you and your business to an elite level!
Dr. H
Board Certified Physiatrist & Physician Business Coach
YES! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brad’s coaching to another professional who is looking to increase their performance and fulfillment. Simply because he helps clarify your life ambition, purpose, and helps you create structure around them. His productivity strategies have helped my marriage and family significantly.
Charles B.
CFO of a healthcare company
I have that fire and passion back! Dr. Brad helped re-ignite a fire that was dimmed from my purpose! You can expect results! He’s going to motivate you and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Dr. Brad helped me increase my business revenue by 200% in 12 months!
Patrick J.
Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert

Dr. Brad

Brad Bellard (aka Dr. Brad) is a performance coach for men. He helps high-achieving professional men develop a strong faith and mindset, so they can succeed at work and win in life. Through his coaching program, podcast, and best-selling book, he equips high-achieving men with the strategies to live a life of simultaneous success AND fulfillment by teaching them the 3-Step ‘ELITE PerforMENce Blueprint’: (1) Faith Strengthening (2) Mindset Mastery, and (3) Performance Improvement.

He is an Amazon best-selling author, national speaker, and host of the podcast and YouTube channel, ‘ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad’ addressing topics related to the spiritual, personal, and professional development of men.

Dr. Brad is also a double-boarded Sports Medicine physician. He has worked with multiple professional teams including his prior service as assistant team doctor for the NBA Dallas Mavericks, and is a regular guest on the Dallas-Fort Worth radio talk show Inside Sports Medicine.

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