If you are on this page, chances are that you are a high-achieving motivated man. You are driven to succeed at the highest level and you thrive off of excelling in EVERYTHING you do. You don’t just find work important, but you also desire to perform at a high level in multiple areas outside of your profession:

You desire to hit on all cylinders, to maximize your potential, and experience a well-balanced life. You are after long-lasting success in ALL areas of life and want to also leave a lasting impact and contribution to the world, while still maintaining your personal life. You want to live a life of fulfillment and meaning.

But despite the outward success…the fulfillment is missing, isn’t it?

On the outside looking in, all appears to be excellent. However, you find yourself stuck and unfulfilled. Inconsistency in your relationship with God, lack of clarity on your purpose, and poor productivity in life and business has you frustrated. Something is missing and you feel like there is something else out there for you…something of greater impact. You ask questions like, “Is this it?” You feel like success was supposed to feel different once you got here, more fulfilling and rewarding. You are wondering…how did I get here? Sound familiar?

Trust me…I completely understand!

I know exactly what it feels like! I know what it feels like to place so much time, money, and energy toward a career, succeed at a high level and still wonder…”Why do I feel unfulfilled?” As a double-boarded emergency and sports medicine doctor, business owner, husband and father of 3…I developed into what much of society would deem as the “model of success”…yet still felt empty. I know what it feels like to feel successful yet stuck…for multiple reasons. I’ve strayed far away from God, lacked clarity on my purpose, and I know what it feels like to perform less than my best in all the areas of life. I’ve been there before…I get it.

The change came for me when I invested in 2 key relationships in my life: (1) God & (2) MENtors. Building these 2 relationships provided the fulfillment I ultimately was searching for…(1) a way to develop a consistent relationship with God, (2)discover my purpose and (3)effectively pursue that purpose (personal growth & development of men) in such a way that I could pivot from my career to my God-given calling. Since prioritizing my ‘faith & fulfillment first’, my life has never been the same! I’ve devoted much of my time to duplicate the process of fulfillment in life and business, in the lives of other men.

As a result, I’ve become a best-selling author, national speaker, launched a faith-based performance coaching company coaching high-level men how to discover and successfully pursue their purpose…all while still maintaining a sports medicine practice that I now truly enjoy! However, my greatest accomplishment is the fulfillment I have experienced through the investment of my daily relationship with Jesus Christ, my wife and high-school sweetheart Cristina, and our 3 children.

The reality is I’m not special at all. I simply learned a better and more intentional way to live life and experience TRUE LIFE FULFILLMENT…and SO CAN YOU!

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